MiSTer FPGA Pre-configured Bundle (with Aluminum Armor)

MiSTer FPGA Pre-configured Bundle (with Aluminum Armor)

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Analog Pro bundles are here! Kits will come with a white aluminum rear plate. Color matched plates available in the future. Audio Out is available using the Saturn AV port or the mini Toslink port. 3.5mm analog audio port is for audio in. See IO Analog Pro page for configuration info :)

Experience the superior performance and protection of the MiSTer FPGA Pre-configured Bundle (with Aluminum Armor). Designed with the passionate user in mind, this bundle has already received rave reviews from satisfied customers all over the world. The case is even used by some of your favorite developers! The industrial-grade DE10-nano FPGA boasts a high max temperature rating of 100C. Trust in the durability and functionality of this top-of-the-line bundle. 

No fan. No dust. No noise.

MiSTer doesn't require active cooling. These kits can be left on 24/7 with any core. Core to core temperature variation is minimal.

The case is the heatsink, dissipating internal heat to the exterior.

Analog Pro IO kits output analog video + HDMI simultaneously and can only use a single SDRAM module. The power button is experimental but has worked well in my testing. Occasionally the button might double-press, which requires an additional press to toggle power.

Digital IO kits do HDMI or analog video (HDMI2VGA adapter required, like the Reflex Prism) and come with dual SDRAM modules.

All kits can be upgraded to the other IO board by simply replacing the rear panel.

Everything you need, pre-assembled and tested, in one tidy package!


Instructions: https://misteraddons.com/pages/guide

Can't decide between standard (analog) or digital?

Thermal characteristics


These measurements were performed in 2020, just before the case was released. Since that time, thousands have been sold and used all around the world. Rest assured the case provides both adequate cooling and protection. The FPGA used by the DE10-nano has a max temp rating (TJmax) of 100C. It's an industrial-class device and this aluminum armor is the best enclosure for it.

More details here

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
William Mendoza
This thing is awesome.

Beautiful analogue video, better than the original consoles. A great thing to have in your collection.

Grant Evans
Great product!

This is my first MiSTer and it's great! The build quality of the case is excellent.

Worth every penny

I bought one of these a few months back and have been obsessed. Since I'm setting it up on a CRT there's a bit of a learning curve, but the folks at MisterAddons have been super helpful getting it set up perfectly. This thing is so cool and versatile, and I keep diving further and further into it. Next up: racing wheels and light guns.


Believe everything you’ve heard. It’s absolutely amazing. And the Punk Pink looks even better in person. Thrilled with this. Make sure to update weekly!

Christopher Kellen
Not having a fan is great

Works well, looks great. I think the instructions for first-time setup could be better on the website. I think the SD Card could be easier to access/a more snug fit. Right now it's very hard to get it in and out (I use a knife to precisely push in on it). Overall it's pretty nice, I think my biggest complaints are with the documentation on the website (documentation for this specific case/construction, rather than MisterFPGA documentation).