Ultra N64 Controller Review

Ultra N64 Controller Review

After months of testing, the Ultra N64 controller review is here! It covers original controllers, modern pads, USB, and bluetooth solutions, rebuil...
Celebrate [Dual SDRAM], Come On! - MiSTer Addons

Celebrate [Dual SDRAM], Come On!

We're starting to see hints of cores that will need dual SDRAM and I'm getting lots of questions about upgrading kits. Thankfully, every MiSTer k...
Time to Adapt - MiSTer Addons

Time to Adapt

On sale August 26th 12PM MDT (UTC-6) Get your Reflex Adapt here: Controller adapters here: https://...
REFLEX - MiSTer Addons


 Thesis: unnecessary latency takes fun out of gaming.  I've spent hundreds of hours measuring and documenting the latency of controllers, joysti...
Out with the (g)Old, In with the New - MiSTer Addons

Out with the (g)Old, In with the New

CASES ARE FINALLY HERE! Between the pandemic still affecting Chinese production, and life, it took longer than expected but they are finally in han...

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