Out with the (g)Old, In with the New - MiSTer Addons

Out with the (g)Old, In with the New

CASES ARE FINALLY HERE! Between the pandemic still affecting Chinese production, and life, it took longer than expected but they are finally in han...
I’ve got the power - MiSTer Addons

I’ve got the power

A while back I tried (unsuccessfully) to become a distributor for everyone’s favorite power supply company, Triad. Discouraged by the rejection, I ...
SNAC + PSX = SNAX - MiSTer Addons


SNAC has been a mainstay of  MiSTer for several years. It’s a way to directly interface original accessories with their corresponding core. This al...

Mid-year update

Well, I just recovered from the latest round of MiSTercade and aluminum kit sales. You might be wondering where I've been and why Express is taking...
Feb 2022 Update - MiSTer Addons

Feb 2022 Update

TLDR: MiSTercade and Aluminum kit pre-orders start in 1 hour. Please read the entire post. Donna x MiSTercade  The talented @pepe_salot crafted thi...

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