I’ve got the power - MiSTer Addons

I’ve got the power

A while back I tried (unsuccessfully) to become a distributor for everyone’s favorite power supply company, Triad. Discouraged by the rejection, I ...
SNAC + PSX = SNAX - MiSTer Addons


SNAC has been a mainstay of  MiSTer for several years. It’s a way to directly interface original accessories with their corresponding core. This al...

Mid-year update

Well, I just recovered from the latest round of MiSTercade and aluminum kit sales. You might be wondering where I've been and why Express is taking...
Feb 2022 Update - MiSTer Addons

Feb 2022 Update

TLDR: MiSTercade and Aluminum kit pre-orders start in 1 hour. Please read the entire post. Donna x MiSTercade  The talented @pepe_salot crafted thi...
MiSTer IO Data Shootout - MiSTer Addons

MiSTer IO Data Shootout

The DE10-nano is both an FPGA and an ARM computer, running Linux. Because of this, MiSTer benefits from all of the input/output flexibility of a mo...

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