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Celebrate [Dual SDRAM], Come On!


Celebrate [Dual SDRAM], Come On!


We're starting to see hints of cores that will need dual SDRAM and I'm getting lots of questions about upgrading kits. Thankfully, every MiSTer kit I've sold can be upgraded to dual SDRAM. That's nearly 5 years of upgradability!

Convert your analog kit to digital

If you have one of my analog kits and want to convert it to digital, simply buy:

My MiSTer can't be upgraded :(

If your MiSTer can't be upgraded to dual SDRAM, email me a picture of it along with a piece of paper that says "Thanks, Porkchop!", and I'll reply with a $50 discount code for a fully assembled digital aluminum kit! Limit one code per kit.


MiSTercade owners

Hold tight, a dual SDRAM MiSTercade is in the works and I will offer the same $50 discount to you when it's ready!

It's a celebration!


By Mister Addons

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