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Time to Adapt


Time to Adapt


Reflex Adapt

On sale August 26th 12PM MDT (UTC-6)

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On April 11, 2022, I contacted @sonik_br on Discord to congratulate him on RetroZord, his USB controller adapter. based on the ATMega32u4. What Sonik didn't know is that I'd been searching for someone to collaborate with on a bespoke controller to USB adapter. I poured over his Github page studying the various modes that RetroZord supported, hoping to use these HDMI adapters that I adapted for MiSTer SNAC. Since then, Sonik has had to deal with my insane requests and pedantic discussions. The result of these 16 months of work is finally here and it's called Reflex Adapt.



What makes Reflex Adapt so special?

  • Lowest latency possible
    • Near lowest in class among all competition (hat tip to DaemonBite and RaphNet)
    • 2-8x faster than generic competition (Mayflash, etc)
  • OLED display for controller feedback
    • Acts as a controller tester with just USB power
  • Open source firmware
  • Special support for MiSTer
    • Each Adapt mode maps separately - no shared mappings!
  • Dedicated modes for PSX GunCon, neGcon, and JogCon
    • Original GunCon is overclocked to support 1ms USB polling and acts as a universal light gun for MiSTer. Fastest solution other than SNAC (requires CRT) 
    • neGcon reports analog axis and buttons as a wheel in MiSTer (do not map in the Main menu and use the mappers from the downloader script), making it an extremely engaging racing controller
    • JogCon has 4 modes: Wheel, Paddle (135 or 270 degree range), Spinner (no motors), and Fake Spinner (spinner left and right reports as button presses so you can use them in games that don't support Spinner)
      • Favorites: Eco Fighters, Forgotten Worlds, and PuzzLoop
  • Support for less common controllers
    • Jaguar
    • Virtual Boy (adapters coming Fall 2023)
    • 3DO (in development)
  • User friendly firmware flasher/updater
    • Sonik's code is so awesome that it doesn't fully fit in the ATMEGA32u4's memory. For that reason a generous developer came up with an easy to use updater for MiSTer, Linux, Mac, and Windows!
    • I’m happy to make custom firmware combos for users, just submit an “Issue” on GitHub :)
Reflex Firmware Updater


 MiSTer Downloader:

Wizzo was generous enough to help make a special firmware updater that also sets required settings for MiSTer, as well as adds the controller mapping repository to the downloader script. Controller mappings will magically appear on your system, but won’t overwrite your custom mappings.

What’s Next?

Well, this journey has been insanely gratifying and I’m grateful to all of the developers, testers, and future users. Me? I’m ready to store the 50+ controllers and peripherals and clean up my shop in preparation for the next adventure. Stay tuned! 

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