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Out with the (g)Old, In with the New


Out with the (g)Old, In with the New


CASES ARE FINALLY HERE! Between the pandemic still affecting Chinese production, and life, it took longer than expected but they are finally in hand. A few housekeeping items before proceeding:

1) I'm waiting on shipping boxes so if these don't ship immediately, please be patient.

2) I'm also awaiting an order of IO boards, but have the other required parts on hand. These are scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. If you order a complete kit now, I'll ship it as soon as possible. Believe me when I say I don't like to sit on orders.

3) The light pipes should be pre-installed for all cases. This has been true of each case that I've manually checked so far. Hopefully this saves assembly time. Time is precious :)

4) The micro sd slot has been lowered slightly but the nature of the DE10-nano's bottom mounted micro SD slot means that it will never be "easy" to remove the micro SD card with your fingers. Grab another micro sd card, or something to push and slide out the existing cards. FOR BEST RESULTS, FLIP THE DE10-NANO ON ITS BACK SO THE CARD ISN'T TEMPTED TO SLIP INSIDE.

5) If you hear rattling, it's the buttons contacting the case. Nothing is wrong, please use as normal.


Now let's proceed.


I believe this is the 4th batch of cases that I've listed. By now, there are 3,000ish of these in the wild. That warms my heart immensely so thank you very much for helping make this a reality. Speaking of warm, the cases cannot be used with fans, nor do they need them. I've not heard of any cooling issues and many of your favorite developers use these cases full time.

Gold was always a divisive color. Some people couldn't love the finish of the color more, while others consider it gorgeous. In any *case*, the gold cases were the last to sell out with each round of cases. The factory limits me to 4 colors, and it was time for a change.

Speakers up for this one!

Just kidding, there's no sound. As you can see, the new limited case color is
















Please don't spoil the color for others. I worked (not) very hard on that video!

But, Porkchop, where's my (insert favorite color)? To that I say, be patient :)

The case will be listed today (October 19th) at 8PM EST. 

Options will include standard IO, or digital IO, all 4 colors, as well as purple and red accessory button spacers in case you want to customize your case! For example, add Proton Purple buttons to your Galaxy Gray case for an SNES theme. Add Rampage Red buttons to your Beyond Black case for a Sega Genesis theme. I may have a few button spacers in various other colors. If I do, I'll list them as well.

By Mister Addons

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