MiSTer FPGA Analog and Digital IO Boards

MiSTer FPGA Analog and Digital IO Boards

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TLDR: If you NEED dual video out and don't care about potential dual SDRAM, get the Analog IO. If not, get the Digital IO board. Currently the PSX core will work on single SDRAM but dual SDRAM might allow for additional features.

Common features between analog and standard IO:

  • HDMI out via the DE10-nano
  • Cooling fan
  • System buttons and LEDs
  • mini TOSLINK digital audio out
  • User port for SNAC and mt32-pi
  • Secondary SD card slot for computer cores only (don't you dare try to use it as extra game storage haha)
  • JST headers to extend power, buttons, and LEDs

Analog IO unique features:

  • Analog video output (Digital IO board can output analog video by using an HDMI to VGA adapter)
  • Dual video out (analog + digital) (Digital IO can output either analog or digital video but not both)
  • Analog audio output

Digital IO unique features:

  • Power switch
  • TOSLINK audio out
  • ADC-In for audio input (NOT AUDIO OUT :)
  • Allows for secondary SDRAM

Customer Reviews

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Christopher VanSumeren
Works Great

The board works great, and was simple to install. I appreciate how MiSTer Addons focuses solely on the mister project, and has pretty much everything you’d ever want in stock.


Works great, adds a lot of usability!

Magic Darts
Great Products!

These help me play old games in a really reliable and nifty way. Love it!

Marc Mazur
Amazing quality

This was my first ever build of any kind. I have no issues so far and am happily playing my Mister.

Matt Tullberg
Digital board

Works great! Converted to digital dual ram, using a dac for audio. Looks and sounds amazing. Great after sale support too.