Saturn (Mini-DIN-10) Premium Universal Video Cable

Saturn (Mini-DIN-10) Premium Universal Video Cable

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  • Premium way to connect your Sega Saturn or MiSTer (IO Analog Pro or IO Direct) to a CRT or video upscaler
    • RGB: Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow (Sync on Composite) + Red and White RCA
    • Component/YPbPr (MiSTer only): Red, Green and Blue + Red and White RCA
    • S-Video: Mini-DIN-4 + Red and White RCA
    • Composite Video: Yellow RCA + Red and White RCA
  • All audio and video lines are double shielded and the outer cable is ferrited for minimal interference
    • Red, Green, Blue, Luma, Chroma, and Composite
    • Left, Right Audio
  • Length: 5 ft.
  • Grab some RCA to BNC adapters if you plan to use this on a PVM/BVM

Looking for a Saturn SCART cable instead? I have you covered!

Note: It's best to only connect 1 video signal at a time to avoid overloading the Saturn. My new MiSTer IO boards are limited to RGB OR YPbPr OR S-Video and Composite (simultaneous).

    Customer Reviews

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    Great value and performance

    A well shielded cable for your contemporary MiSTer setup. Gorgeous results.

    High Construction Build and Flexibility

    I've witnessed drastic variations in cable quality ever since getting into the retro scene. The build quality and flex on these are THE highest quality I've witnessed. I've bought from from most of the recommended names in the retro scene as well. Highly recommend these!

    Works wonderfully

    Hooked it up to my Saturn which I've only ever had the RF cable for, what a difference! Premium feeling, ports are perfectly molded and made, 10/10 product again!