Silicone Plug and Cover Set

Silicone Plug and Cover Set

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Main port cover set now includes a VGA cover and secondary sd plug

Supplemental pack includes just the VGA and secondary sd pieces

Tired of looking at unoccupied ports and connectors on your MiSTer? Is your significant other constantly poking fun at the open holes? Well I might just have the perfect thing for you! Introducing silicon cover sets.


  • 1 x USB bracket cover
  • 1 x RJ45 plug
  • 1 x HDMI plug
  • 2 x Mini USB plugs
  • 9 x USB Type A plugs
  • 1 x VGA port (NEW!)
  • 1 x Secondary micro sd plug

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nicolas Parr
Excellent outside of the mini-usb plugs

The mini-usb plugs feel a bit too tight for comfort, but the rest are great overall! Very useful and I'm no longer worried about all that dust gunking up the ports i never/rarely use.

Perfect fit and finish

Really nice to plug unused ports and keep any dust out. Fits perfectly and easy to remove with the little pull tab.

Tim B., Ohio
These do the job!

The plugs are excellent. This kit is the best bang for your buck, assuming you want plugs for your ports.

I would have liked to have received plugs for the power and audio jacks as well as a plug for the sd card slot that works over a card that is installed, but I was able to find the first 2 on amazon to suppliment. As for the last, I have not found anything, so it is what it is.

A worthy purchase.

Nikolas Schaal

Silicone Plug and Cover Set

Matt Farmer
Nearly perfect

They make my setup look so much cleaner. The micro USB can be a pain to install, but it just takes patience. The only things missing are audio and micro USB 3 (that weird long one used on some boards).