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SNAX is the latest version of SNAC that retains all previous functionality of SNAC while adding support for 2P NES, SNES, and PSX.

NES/Famicom 1P 2P 2P
SNES 1P 2P to 5P* 2P to 5P*
SMS 1P 1P 1P
Genesis / CD / 32X 1P to 4P* 1P to 4P* 1P to 4P*
Saturn 1P to 4P* ** 1P to 4P* ** 1P to 4P* **
PC Engine 1P 1P 1P

2P to 4P*

2P to 4P*
N64 NO 2P 4P

* Multitap must be plugged into the correct ports relative to original hardware

** Early Saturn SNAC testing is underway. The core is in beta and doesn't have SNAC but there are test builds on the MiSTer FPGA Discord server.


Supported cores: 

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Sega Master System
  • Genesis / Sega CD / 32X
  • Saturn (preliminary, work-in-progress)
  • PSX
  • TurboGrafx-16 / TurboGrafx CD
  • N64


  • Load a supported MiSTer core
  • Plug controller > hdmi-style adapter > SNAC/SNAX > USB 3 cable > IO board's USB 3 "User" port
  • Navigate to the option for controls (name varies per core: “Serial”, “SNAC”, etc.
  • Some cores require certain accessories to be used in specific ports. You may need to move the accessory to the other port (SNAX only) or use the “Swap joysticks” option in the core’s menu.

Tested / Working accessories: 

  • Famicom external controllers
  • Famicom 3D Glasses (CRT required)
  • NES OEM controllers 
  • NES Zapper (CRT required)
  • NES PowerPad
  • SNES OEM controllers (NES and SNES cores)
  • SNES Super Scope 6 (CRT required)
  • SNES Super Multitap (P2-P5 only, P1 can be other port (requires SNAX or SNAX 64) or USB
  • TurboGrafx-16 2-button controllers
  • Sega Genesis 3 / 6-button controllers (SMS and Genesis cores)
  • Sega Menacer (CRT required)
  • Sega Justifier (CRT required)
  • Sega OEM Multitap (4 player using a single SNAC port)
  • 8BitDo M30 2.4 GHz controller
  • Sega Master System Phaser Lightgun
  • Sony PlayStation controllers with rumble (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Sony PlayStation memory cards (including Pocket Station) (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Sony PlayStation neGcon (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Sony PlayStation Jogcon (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Sony PlayStation GunCon x 2 (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Sony PlayStation Hyper Blaster (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Sony PlayStation Multitap (port 1 of SNAX or SNAX64 only)
  • Nintendo 64 Controller (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Nintendo 64 Hey You Pikachu Microphone (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Nintendo 64 Controller (Memory) Pak (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Nintendo 64 Mouse (requires SNAX or SNAX64)
  • Nintendo 64 Controller
  • Nintendo 64 Hey You Pikachu Microphone
  • Nintendo 64 Controller (Memory) Pak
  • Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak
  • Nintendo 64 Mouse

Non-working Accessories

Includes 1 x PSX controller adapter


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    The Snax is awesome

    Got a Snax adapter in anticipation for the MiSTer's N64 core and it's incredible to be able to use an N64 controller on the MiSTer. No input lag at all and I didn't even have to troubleshoot anything to get it working. It just worked. Incredible product

    Rylan Perry
    SNAX and Controller Adapters

    Just wanted to say that anytime I order from the always wonderful MisterAddons I know that I’m getting excellent quality. This is not my first purchase, my journey into the world of MiSTer started with a Prebuilt MiSTer, then a MiSTercade and now a SNAX with Adapters. I felt it was necessary to leave a review because honestly the quality is excellent and it always gets me excited to try my new toys!
    No more Lag!? You betcha!
    Thank you and keep up the amazing work Porkchop Express!

    Adolph Reyes
    Excellent Accessory

    Seamless setup and excellent performance. Highly recommend!

    Andrew Alles
    Works perfectly with an 8BitDo 2.4ghz SNES controller

    Bought because I got sick of dealing with Bluetooth; works great with the SNES adapter and an 8BitDo 2.4GHz dongle.

    Tim B., Ohio
    Best Source for MiSTer Products

    I have bought a number of things from MiSTer Addons, and the products have been top notch, the prices fair, the delivery fast. The one time I recieved the wrong item, MA had the right product in the mail within 12 hours of notification and sent me a prepaid return tag for the wrong item. A real 5 star company IMO!

    The SNAX Adapter in particular is a great product that works exactly as advertised. Ninja Gaiden, Contra 3? The lagless connection makes playing these great games just that much better!