Sega Tower of Power Splitter

Sega Tower of Power Splitter

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Having a hard time wrangling your Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, 32x, and Sega CD / Mega CDpower? Well do I have the solution for you! Introducing the Tower of Power Splitter: a thoughtfully designed power splitter that works with every combination of Sega Genesis hardware. 

Final version will have shorter output lengths for Genesis 2/3 and 32X to avoid touching Genesis 1 and Sega CD connectors. All connectors will be covered with PVC caps to further isolate the outputs.

How it works:

Power input: Reflex Volt USB PD Orange cables, Genesis 2, Genesis 3, or 32X (4.75x1.75 center +). Ensure proper 9V 3A is available if not using Reflex Volt.

Power output: 

1a) Genesis / MegaDrive Model 1*

1b) Genesis / MegaDrive Models 2 or 3*

2) 32X

3) Sega CD / Mega CD Model 1 or 2

*Leave connector cover installed on the unused 1a / 1b output

Red Covers = Genesis 1 + Sega CD

Black Covers = Genesis 2/3 + 32X

Avoid touching tips when plugging in. Uncover one connector at a time and plug it in.


Customer Reviews

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Jeff S
Excellent Cable

I have a Genesis and a 32X, and rather than having to take up two USB C ports, this enables me to run off a single USB C port. I really like that it has heads for Genesis models 1, 2, and 3, so there's no having to ensure I have the right one. Well done, Reflex!