Reflex Volt Console Power Cables

Reflex Volt Console Power Cables

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These cables are designed exclusively for use with REFLEX VOLT Power Supplies! They MAY work with other USB PD supplies, but 12V isn't always output.

It is up to YOU to verify the voltage and polarity prior to connecting your console. The use of non-REFLEX power supplies is NOT supported.



Want to use modern, compact, and sometimes portable USB Power Delivery (PD) chargers to clean up your entertainment center, or to game on the go? Now you can! Introducing Reflex Volt cables. These cables are all 100% factory made and are intended for use with Reflex Volt USB PD Power Supplies!

How it works:

USB PD is a flexible standard that supports multiple voltages over a single connector: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 20V. These purpose built cables negotiate the correct voltage from the power supply and output to the console the same as the stock power supplies do.

Note 1: Not all USB PD chargers support all voltages. The Reflex Volt power supplies support all necessary voltages. Check your charger's supported voltages before plugging in. Notably, some chargers don't output 12V, but all Reflex Volt chargers do.USB PD Voltage Ratings

Note 2: Not all multi-port USB PD chargers support individual voltages per port. The Reflex Volt power supplies are labeled as to which ports support which voltages. Wii U is the only console that doesn't use 9V or 12V. All other console can use any port on any Reflex Volt power supplies.


Each cable is clearly labeled with the voltage, and polarity. Two high quality, glossy labels are applied to the cable reminding which voltage to check for on the USB C end and which consoles are supported on the console end. GameCube, Wii, and Wii U have a single label since their connectors are unique. GameCube connectors are a bit tight but no other connectors exist. Each GameCube has been inserted and removed onto my personal GameCube.

Reflex Volt Orange


Reflex Volt Purple


Reflex Volt Green


Reflex Volt Blue


Reflex Volt GameCube


Reflex Volt Wii
Wii U
Reflex Volt Wii U

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Works great!

It works perfectly to power up my WiiU. It allows me to have a much cleaner set up than using the OEM power brick. Very happy with my purchase.

Jeff S
High Quality and Clear Usage Guidance

I love the color coding and systems listed out on the cables. I have these cables for multiple systems (and will buy a SuperGrafx compatible cable if one is created). They are absolutely perfect. They have a nice long length, the part that goes into the console fits, and it saves me plugs. Another Reflex product triumph!

Great cables

They fit perfectly and work with no issues. Decent price

David Gillies
Wii love these cables

I purchased the Reflex Volt PD power supply along with the Wii & Wii U cables. Its almost unnaturally satisfying to have it this neat, tidy and compact setup compared to the two huge OEM bricks they were hooked up to before.

David Shadoff
Clean Power

I bought the Reflex Volt power adapter and several cables, and they work well on my consoles, and save me some space on my power strip. The power is nice and clean - original adapters could cause video interference when the power cables were too close to the A/V cables, but this is not an issue with this adapter and cables. When a SuperGrafx cable becomes available, I'll get that one too !