Reflex Volt USB PD Power Supplies

Reflex Volt USB PD Power Supplies

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Want to use modern, compact, and sometimes portable USB Power Delivery (PD) chargers to clean up your entertainment center, or to game on the go? Now you can! Introducing Reflex Volt power supplies. Purpose built and tested for support with Reflex Volt Cables, but also work with all standard USB PD devices.

How it works:

USB PD is a flexible standard that supports multiple voltages over a single connector: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, and 20V. The purpose built Reflex Volt cables negotiate the correct voltage from the power supply and output to the console the same as the stock power supplies do.


  • Supports all voltages
    • 5V
    • 9V
    • 12V
    • 15V
    • 20V
  • Supports separate voltages per port 
    • Supported voltages are labeled next to each port
  • Only compatible with type A AC power plugs (North America)


  • 1 x USB-C 35W
    • Enough for stock Wii U but not with hard drive attached
    • 5V 3A
    • 9V 3A
    • 12V 2.91A
    • 15V 2.33A
    • 20V 1.75A
  • 2 x USB-C 67W
    • Wii U MUST use the top port
    • 5V 3A
    • 9V 3A
    • 12V 3A
    • 15V 3A
    • 20V 3.25A

What happened to the 3 x USB-C 1 x USB-A 100W and 4 x USB-C 2 x USB-A 100W models?

I opted not to order these models for one reason: simplicity. There's some connection between the last USB C ports and the first USB A ports that I'd rather avoid. Simple is better - no guessing. Plus, feedback on Twitter indicated people hate USB A, despite its convenience for 5V devices :)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tony Rich
Cleaned up my Sega Tower of Power

The Reflex Volt power supply was able to replace all of the bricks from the Sega Tower of Power to allow one power connection. This is simply an amazing product!

James B
Reflex Volt USB PD Power Supplies

With 30 consoles hooked up I dream of any way to improve my wire management. I purchased one each for my GameCube, Wii, and WiiU. So far they've been fantastic. Wii and WiiU are running CFW with 1TB drives connected to them. GameCube has a GC Loader w/ 1TB SD, MemCard Pro GC, and EON GCHD MK-II connected and everything works perfectly. Cleaned up so much clutter in my set up.These things are pretty amazing and I will be getting more for some of my other consoles.

Saves so much space!

These power adapters are perfect for replacing old ones and also saving a lot of space. I’m using 3 for my retro systems and they have been fantastic.

Pascual Olivares
Great PD Power Supply

This is a great power supply to pair with the USB-C cable for your home consoles.

it works, but it also just FEELS real nice

real solid little usb block, good weight. plug fits solidly and snugly into outlet, no droop, usbc port has a solid snap in place. really happy to know my couple suspicious ac adapters are now no longer variables

i got the limited australian editions but i assume this review will apply to the others