MiSTer FPGA mt32-pi
MiSTer FPGA mt32-pi
MiSTer FPGA mt32-pi
MiSTer FPGA mt32-pi
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MiSTer FPGA mt32-pi

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mt32-pi is bare metal Raspberry Pi emulation of the popular Roland MT32 MIDI device. It was created by d0pefish. Show him some love!


  • A simple interface for mt32-pi (no buttons or knobs - use the OSD :)
  • Includes a bracket to mount to the aluminum case :)
  • compatible with with Pi Zero 2 W, 3A+, 3B, and 4 (not included)
  • Includes PCB shim for use with Pi Zero 2 W
  • Includes revised USB 3 A male to USB 3 A male cable
    • Also works with the SNAX USB 3 cable
  • Upgraded power supply strongly recommended 


      • [audio]
        output_device = i2s
      • [control]
        • scheme = none
        • mister = on
      • [lcd]
        • type = ssd1306_i2c
        • height = 64
  • When you power on the mt32-pi, you should see a MiSTer splash screen. If not, check the cable connecting to the mt32-pi to the User port. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tricky to put together but a great device

Bought this for better music in the ao486 core. Was not disappointed. Using with a RPi 3B+ from a retro pie build I no longer need. Easy to setup with the Mister. Config directions need to include i2c output for most setups.

Mike the Janitor
Works great, but...

The standoffs are slightly big; I end up with a gap between the pi and the hat itself. The lack of instructions to build it caused me to take it apart thinking I'd done something wrong, but no, its just not quite the right size. The only real, true issue I ran into was the .cfg file; the one listed on the purchase page to grab has the output set to the 3.5mm port on the pi, rather than the hdmi out on the MiSTer itself; once that's changed in the settings, it works great (this issue contributed to my taking it apart after building it, thinking I'd done something wrong and spending way too long trying to troubleshoot when it was just a single line error)

be nice if I could at least have a diagram of how it goes together

I have been putting things together for a while, If I was a beginner I would struggle! Every mt32pi seems to be a little unique in its way. I'm going by the picture above and it frustrates me that I can't even know how to put this together the way you intended!

Brandon Trboyevich
Some issues

Standoffs are really weak and prone to snapping if screwed too tight. And install wasn’t as straightforward as you would think, but I did get the mount on and all is well. Could be a bit better with documentation.

Electron Junkie
It. Sounds. Beautiful.

Easy to assembly and moderately easy to setup on the software side. But for the systems that support MIDI this is absolutely AMAZING!!! Sounds almost exactly as I remember way back in the golden ages of gaming! The only drawback was that it took a while longer than I planned to get a Pi3 Model A+ so I could utilize the MT32-PI.