Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC and SNAX)
Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC and SNAX)
Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC and SNAX)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC and SNAX)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC and SNAX)

Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC and SNAX)

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SNAC is the most direct way of interfacing cores with their native accessories (controllers, light guns, etc). You can not mix and match peripherals between cores. NES core requires NES accessories, etc (technically SNES controller works on NES, but you get the point). If the original hardware could use it, it should work.

SNAX is an updated version of SNAC that adds support for PSX accessories (ONLY SUPPORTS MY PSX CONTROLLER ADAPTERS) as well as support for NES and SNES dual ports just like the original console. Sega consoles will likely forever be single controller port. 

NES/Famicom 1P 2P
SNES 1P 2P to 5P*
Genesis / CD / 32X 1P (4P with multitap) 1P (4P with multitap)
Saturn 1P (4P with multitap)** 1P (4P with multitap)**
PC Engine 1P 1P
PSX NOT SUPPORTED 2P to 4P (multitap SNAC port 1)***

* Multitap must be plugged into the correct ports relative to original hardware

** Very early Saturn SNAC testing is underway. 

*** Virtual Memory Cards are the default save options in the PSX core. Physical memory cards only supported when used with multitap. Save States also work.  Rumble is the correct voltage and is generated from the 5V line without any external power adapter. Player 2 must use SNAX port 2 for 2P games, not multitap.


See pictures for included accessories

Supported cores: 

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Sega Master System
  • Genesis / Sega CD / 32X
  • Saturn (preliminary, work-in-progress)
  • PSX
  • TurboGrafx-16 / TurboGrafx CD


  • Load a supported MiSTer core
  • Plug controller > hdmi-style adapter > SNAC/SNAX > USB 3 cable > IO board's USB 3 "User" port
  • Navigate to the option for controls (name varies per core: “Serial”, “SNAC”, etc.
  • Some cores require certain accessories to be used in specific ports. You may need to move the accessory to the other port (SNAX only) or use the “Swap joysticks” option in the core’s menu.

Tested / Working accessories: 

  • Famicom external controllers
  • Famicom 3D Glasses (CRT required)
  • NES OEM controllers 
  • NES Zapper (CRT required)
  • NES PowerPad
  • SNES OEM controllers (NES and SNES cores)
  • SNES Super Scope 6 (using a custom SNES adapter board not currently available) (CRT required)
  • SNES Super Multitap (P2-P5 only, P1 can be other port (SNAX only) or USB
  • TurboGrafx-16 2-button controllers
  • Sega Genesis 3 / 6-button controllers (SMS and Genesis cores)
  • Sega Menacer (CRT required)
  • Sega Justifier (CRT required)
  • Sega OEM Multitap (4 player using a single SNAC port)
  • 8BitDo M30 2.4 GHz controller
  • Sega Master System Phaser Lightgun
  • Sony PlayStation controllers with rumble (requires SNAX)
  • Sony PlayStation memory cards (including Pocket Station) (requires SNAX)
  • Sony PlayStation neGcon (requires SNAX)
  • Sony PlayStation Jogcon (requires SNAX)
  • Sony PlayStation GunCon x 2 (requires SNAX)
  • Sony PlayStation Hyper Blaster (requires SNAX)
  • Sony PlayStation Multitap (port 1 of SNAX only)

Non-working Accessories

    • TurboGrafx/PCE 6 button controllers


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Works right out of the box. No tinkering, beautiful 3D printed case, and a reliable connection.

    If you own a MiSTer and you care about input latency or compatibility with peripherals, you need SNAX. It's sleek, small, and the list of features you get from plugging it into the serial IO is staggering.

    I also encountered some issues with my Genesis SNAC, and MisterAddons helped me troubleshoot and went above and beyond in making sure my experience with his products was perfect. I think buying MiSTer accessories from MisterAddons is the best choice you can make if you're someone just getting into the MiSTer space.

    Kenneth Dull
    It Just Works!

    What can I say? The SNAX adapter is one of the best add ons I’ve purchased for my Mister. I received the SNAX very quickly and plugged in my RetroBit “Big6” Genesis controller and after loading up the Genesis core and turning on the SNAC option it worked immediately. Now I finally truly feel like I’m playing the original games. A Mister FPGA, high end consumer CRT and a SNAX adapter will give you that perfect original experience of playing games in the late 80’s and 90’s. Can’t recommend SNAX enough!

    Serial Native Accessory Converter

    Love being able to use OEM controllers.

    Todd McHenry
    I Didn't Think MiSTer Could Get Any Better!

    I purchased the SNAX Convertor along with a handful of adapters and wow... what an easy way to enjoy retro games with zero lag/latency input and the original controllers the way it was meant to be played!

    Everything was basically plug and play. Plug in the SNAX, plug in the appropriate adapter, and plug in the original controller and go. Just be sure to enable SNAX in the input settings of the core you are using and this will JUST WORK.

    Build quality is also phenomenal but I think that is expected from MisterAddons at this point. Just over engineered to last and I appreciate it. Always there to make community projects even better with quality hardware.

    Jorge Lopez
    works great

    Love having the option to use original controllers