MiSTer FPGA 5V 5A DC Worldwide Power Supply

MiSTer FPGA 5V 5A DC Worldwide Power Supply

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Need more "oomph" than the stock DE10-nano power supply provides? Are your USB devices sometimes erratic? Then you may be suffering from voltage drop.

I sourced these power supplies to best work with the demands of MiSTer FPGA. These power supplies are sufficient to power even the most insane MiSTer setups. 


  • Voltage: 5.35V with no load, 4.95V with 5A load, and 5.24V for typically MiSTer setup.
  • Current: 5A max
  • Connector: 5.5x2.1mm DC barrel
  • Polarity: Center positive
  • Desktop style - great for international customers (provide your own 2 prong C8 AC cord to match your outlet type)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Its got the JUICE!

Don't bottleneck your power needs! Get this to ensure all your devices have the JUICE!

Jeff S
Great Power Supply From a Smart Guy

Mister Addons is run by someone who absolutely loves this stuff, and he sells only the best products on his site. This power supply is no exception. It runs everything without a hiccup. Absolutely perfect, and the brick doesn't even get hot!

Ito Satoshi

MiSTer FPGA 5V 5A DC Worldwide Power Supply

mark schumacher
High Quality Adapter

I am very pleased with my purchase from Mister addons. Would buy again no question.

Kevin Coleman
Promptly shipped, good packaging, works as expected.

Can't ask for much more than everything the title when it comes to a power supply!