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Introducing Reflex Adapt: a revolutionary gaming device with the power to provide ultimate control. With minimal latency, input response times are improved, empowering gamers to respond faster to unpredictable changes and take on even the most dynamic gaming challenges. Experience gaming with a responsiveness never seen before, and take your gaming to the next level!

Uses your existing HDMI style controller adapters to work with a buttload of different accessories, all over USB!

How does it work?

Connect your controller to the HDMI-style controller adapters, then insert the HDMI adapter into the Reflex Adapt. Finally, connect the Reflex Adapt into your PC, MiSTer, or PS3.

Why does latency matter?

Latency is a key component in gaming, even if you can't detect it. When a button is pressed, the controller transmits the data to the console/computer, which verifies inputs in separate phases. The speed of the controller adapter is integral, as it increases the likelihood of the button press registering within the same polling cycle (same frame). Most Reflex Adapt modes have 90% or higher same frame probability, with the remainder being 80%+. In comparison, standard wired USB controllers are 65% likely and Bluetooth controllers are 5% likely. Reflex Adapt all but eliminates input latency, and boasts a native 1ms polling interval.


  • Lightning fast 0.84 ms to 2.92 ms average latency across all modes. That’s 2-8x faster than most usb controller converters, 5x faster than most native usb controllers and 15x faster than most wireless controllers.
  • Native 1ms polling on PC, and MiSTer!
  • USB Direct Input device compatible with Windows, Linux, MiSTer, and Steam Deck!
  • Switch and Xinput modes in development and coming soon!
  • OLED screen indicates controller mode, shows per-port controller detection, and provides live feedback of the inputs as they are pressed
  • Change modes with a press of a dedicated button - multiple modes can be stored simultaneously (up to memory capacity - typically 3-5 modes)
  • Individual mode input mapping on MiSTer (no shared mappings between modes)
  • Custom software updater - works on PC, Linux, Mac, and even your MiSTer
  • Open source firmware by Sonik
  • Compatible with many devices with more possible in the future

Supported Modes:

  • NES + SNES + Virtual Boy (2P)*
  • Genesis + Saturn (2P)*
  • PSX (2P) / GunCon (1P) / neGcon (1P) / JogCon (1P)**
  • Neo-Geo (1P)
  • PC-Engine (2P)
  • 3DO (6P?)***
  • Jaguar (1P)
  • N64 (2P)
  • GameCube (2P)
  • Wii Classic (1P)
  • Sega Master System, Atari 2600, Commodore 64 and Amiga (2P, digital pads)
  • FM Towns, MSX, X68000 and PC-88/PC-98 (2P, digital pads)

* Any combination of these supported controllers

** Each mode is separate (no mixing)

*** Only 3 controllers tested so far but theoretically 6 can be used


  • Reflex Adapt Device
  • Premium 3 meter braided USB C to USB A cable

Reflex Adapt vs SNAC/SNAX?

SNAX has one advantage over Reflex Adapt: zero latency. Reflex adapt has 0.0007 to 0.003 seconds of latency. The only devices that won't work with Reflex Adapt are light guns and peripherals like memory cards.

Feature Reflex Adapt SNAX
Connectivity USB MiSTer SNAC
Devices Supported MiSTer, PC, PS3 MiSTer
HDMI Controller Adapters Yes Yes
Required Port Any USB port User IO Port
Latency (in seconds) 0.0007-0.003 0
Light Gun Support GunCon1 as USB (1P) Core-native light guns
Rumble Not currently Yes (PSX currently)
Memory Cards No Yes
Navigate MiSTer Menu Yes No
Any Controller with Any Core Yes No
OLED Controller Display Yes No
2 Player Support NES, SNES, Virtual Boy, Genesis, Saturn, PCE, N64, GameCube, 3DO NES, SNES, PSX, and N64 (WIP)
Multitap SNES, Genesis, Saturn, 3DO (controller chaining) SNES, PSX, Saturn (WIP)


Windows/MacOS/Linux Firmware Updater:

  • Download and unzip the latest Reflex Updater release here

  • Run the executable for your operating system:
    • Windows: reflex_updater.exe
    • MacOS: reflex-macos
      • Make sure you allow the untrusted code in System Preferences > Security, then run it again and acknowledge the warning again
    • Linux x86 64bit: reflex-linux-x86_64
    • Linux ARM: reflex-linux-armv7
  • Select the desired firmware combo from the list and press enter
  • Press the "RESET" button on Reflex Adapt when prompted
  • Close the updater software

MiSTer Setup:

  • Copy the script to the “Scripts” folder of your MiSTer’s SD card 
    • Modify your sd card's MiSTer.ini file(s)
        • CRT users, make sure you can see the output of scripts on your CRT or the updater won't work with one of these options:
          • Option 1: fb_terminal=0
          • Option 2: add these to MiSTer.ini to scale your Menu core to 15kHz (won't display on HDMI)
            • [Menu]
            • video_mode=480,12,48,36,240,4,3,16,9089
            • vga_scaler=1
      • Run on your MiSTer by selecting it in the Scripts menu
      • Run your preferred MiSTer updater to download the Reflex Adapt mappings



          Discussion and Bug Reporting:

          Discussion on my Discord Server

          Bug reporting on Github Issues

          Source code and firmware updater:

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 41 reviews
          Alexander Crisafulli
          Amazing Input Option and Wonderful Customer Service

          After seeing that the MiSTer received the N64 core, I wanted to put away some of my consoles to make room in my apartment, but it felt a little sad to put away all the nice controllers I cleaned up for them, so when looking into options to use them I found this, and it is absolutely perfect. I am now able to use all of my old console controllers directly with the MiSTer (and my PC if I want)!

          Along with this being a wonderful piece of hardware, I had reached about an issue I had when installing the USB board (I had broken a piece off by accident) and what I could do to fix it, and instead I was offered a replacement of the board! I did not expect to get a full board replacement, but it was very much appreciated, and I just want all those who will potential purchase something from MisterAddons to know that they really do want to help you make sure you enjoy your purchase. I have enjoyed everything I have purchased from them and I know you will too.

          Top notch controller adapter for USB

          This is a top notch controller adapter for converting classic controllers to USB inputs. It's got basically everything that matters fully covered and is extremely versatile. The build quality is excellent.

          Daniel Stephens
          Perfect input option!

          Just got the Reflex Adapt and love it! I’ve been using SNAX V2, which works great, but the short cable length meant that many older controllers with short cables couldn’t be used while sitting on the couch. Since the Reflex Adapt uses a standard USB cable, I was able to use a longer cable that could make it from the entertainment center to the couch. Based on past experiences, I was worried about input lag, but with the Adapt, any lag is imperceptible! I also love having the flexibility to use it with my PC as well. Give the Reflex Adapt a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

          A Power User's Kind Of Adapter

          Works flawlessly for all digital game pads, N64 and PSX also works great minus Rumble capabilities. As what I was told, XInput drivers are on the way to add more functionality down the road.

          Rafał Marchewka

          Reflex Adapt