VGA to SCART Premium Video Cable

VGA to SCART Premium Video Cable

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  • Simple way to connect your MiSTer IO board to a PVM, BVM, or consumer CRT (with SCART input)
  • Sync attenuated with 470 ohm resistor for 75 ohm compliance
  • Integrated stereo audio
  • Double Shielded audio and video lines with outer ferrite
    • Red, Green, Blue, Sync
    • Left, Right
  • Tested on Sony PVM-2030, RetroTink 5X, and OSSC
  • 5V on SCART Pin 8

Customer Reviews

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Works like a charm, no problems

Matt M.
SCART cable works great

I'm using the SCART cable to connect to my modded JVC CRT. Works great! Having just swapped from a Digital IO and HDMI output to an Analog IO, I just needed to adjust the MiSTer.ini to disable the menu framebuffer and enable sync on composite.

VGA -> SCART Excellent quality. Perfect for MiSter

This VGA to SCART cable works flawlessly on my friend's RGB modded consumer JVC CRT TV. The cable is thick and the SCART connector is great. If you are looking for a SCART cable for your MiSTer this is the one to get. One nice touch is the included 3.5mm stereo jack so it carries both audio and video over the same cable / SCART plug. The settings I needed to use are:


I also really like pork chop express who runs this site. Not only is he very active on the Classic Gaming Discord, he develops some of these MiSTer products as well. I hear nothing but good things about his customer service.

My one question is, if I got a Dreamcast VGA adapter, would this VGA to SCART cable work at 480i? That would be a nice double whammy if you could use this to get RGB out of your Dreamcast as well.