Reflex CTRL Original Controller USB Conversion Kits

Reflex CTRL Original Controller USB Conversion Kits

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Elevate your classic gamepads to USB capabilities with Reflex CTRL! Boasting the quickest response times of any USB controller available commercially, Reflex CTRL all but eliminates dropped inputs. Featuring the highly versatile, upgradeable, and customizable GP2040-CE firmware, your gaming will never be the same!

How it works

CTRL boards are PCB replacements with a short USB-C female pigtail cable. Unscrew your controller, remove the OEM circuit board, optionally replace the rubber membranes (coming in 2024?), fit the Reflex CTRL PCB, route the USB-C Female cable, and re-assemble the controller. Users provide their own USB-C cable. 



    • Open-source, powered by the amazing GP2040-CE
    • 0.8 ms latency
    • Carbon-coated button pads (just like OEM) for consistency and durability
    • ESD protection for all inputs
    • Web GUI for deep customization
    • Update firmware: Enter Web GUI > Reboot > USB (BOOT SEL)





      Basically the same as SNES. Don't route the cable through the posts. Route it directly 

      Virtual Boy

      Do not plug the battery or DC power packs into the controller. The controller is powered over USB.


      SNES configuration video

      See following tables for controller specific combos.

      D-pad Mode SNES
      D-pad Select + Start + ↓
      Left Analog Select + Start + ←
      Right Analog Select + Start + →



      Change modes by holding down a button while plugging the USB cable

      Controller Mode NES SNES VB Genesis 6 Saturn
      XInput A A R-Dpad → A A
      Switch B B R-Dpad ↓ B B
      Direct Input/PS3 - Y R-Dpad ← X X
      PS4* - X R-Dpad ↑ Y -
      PS5** - - - - Y

      * Requires user-provided keys

      ** Requires authentication USB dongle

      Shortcut NES SNES VB Genesis 6  Saturn
      Home: Start + ↑ + Select Select Select Mode L
      DPad = Digital: Start + ↓ + Select Select Select Mode L
      Dpad = Left Analog: Start + ← + Select Select Select Mode L
      DPad = Right Analog: Start + → + Select Select Select Mode L
        Turbo Function SNES
        Enable/Disable Button

        ← + Select + Button
        Increase Rate*

        ← + ↑ + Select
        Decrease Rate*

        ← + 

        ↓ + Select
        * Turbo rate is global and applies to all buttons with turbo enabled


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 12 reviews
          Jeff S
          Picked up the Genesis and Virtual Boy CTRL

          I just got done swapping out boards and giving it some play time. For the Genesis, I used a clear blue Retro-Bit 6-button pad as the host. What's cool is that there is a little white LED inside that gives you affirmation that a button has been pressed that you can see with a clear case. The Virtual Boy also went on well, and the red PCB was a nice touch. Both are working perfectly, and I'm excited to try out the virtual boy controller on all kinds of non-analog twin stick games, like Xeno Crisis, as well as Virtual Boy emulation!

          Probably the best way to use an SNES controller over USB

          Its an easy installation and works great. I confused myself a little on the initial firmware setup but it's been very easy since then. Being able to switch between Xinput/Dinput/Switch modes very easily is very convenient and I like the design with the short connector cord, pairs well with the braided USB A to C cables sold here. Eagerly awaiting the Genesis version.

          Ben Dawkins
          An exciting reflex product!

          This conversion kit is the real deal. Installation on one of my spare Super Famicom controllers took no time, and it worked right out of the gate with the MiSTer, no fiddling required. I know there is a miniscule difference compared with SNAC/SNAX, but I honestly can't tell. The feel of an original controller with the ability to engage with MiSTer's OSD is pretty great. I can't wait for other Reflex CTRL devices to be developed and released!

          Virgilio Alvarez
          SNES and beyond.

          Love the product. The SNES Ctrl is well constructed and works as intended. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves their SNES controllers and wants to use them with multiple systems.

          Easy swap, works great 👍

          I had a broken Super Famicom controller in my parts bin. The swap to the reflex was pretty simple. I had to fiddle quite a bit with the shoulder buttons/membranes, but that's more to do with Nintendo's design than the Reflex. Once I got it back together I plugged it into my Mister and it worked first try with no firmware update. I haven't tried it with other consoles, but for Mister, this is perfect. Looking forward to the Sega versions.