MiSTercade V2 Kit | MiSTer FPGA JAMMA Arcade Kit

MiSTercade V2 Kit | MiSTer FPGA JAMMA Arcade Kit

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MiSTercade is the original JAMMA extension for MiSTer FPGA. Its best in class design has been enjoyed for more than two years around the world. Join club MiSTercade today! 

Connect one MiSTercade to multiple cabinets with MiSTercade Versus (VS)!


  • Powered by the incredible GP2040-CE firmware, with average latency of just 0.8ms! Supports 8 buttons per player.
  • One device, two configurations:
    • Single SDRAM + HDMI + analog output (using analog DAC module in the form of an SDRAM - still in development)
    • Dual SDRAM + analog output (HDMI jumper feeds direct video into MiSTercade)
  • Accurate, dual/triple video output:
    • 0.7V RGB via the HD15 port
    • Full range, adjustable, 3.3V video output (same level as Neo-Geo MV1C) via the JAMMA edge
    • HDMI port can be used for capture/HDTV usage or can be fed back into MiSTercade for direct video and dual SDRAM
  • Crystal clear audio:
    • i2s audio DAC
    • 13.5W mono audio amplifier 
    • 3.5mm ,line-level stereo audio
    • Digital audio via mini TOSLINK
    • (SDRAM DAC module) Move DE10-nano switch SW0 towards middle of PCB for analog audio, leave it in outer position for mini TOSLINK
  • Black, 4 layer, ENIG finish PCB with edge beveled JAMMA connector
  • User I/O port
  • 40mm fan
  • Reset, User, OSD buttons
  • Currently only JAMMA compatible (not JVS)
  • All arcade cores have mappings for MiSTercade
    • Unlike MAME, MiSTer doesn't have a standardize button layout for arcade cores. This means other MiSTer arcade solutions require mapping each game individually. I've done the heavy lifting for you and include an update script (below) to make future mappings just as easy. More than 2,100 mappings and counting!
  • MiSTercade accessories:
  • Arcade cabinet accessories:

Power Notice:

  • MiSTercade V2 uses +5V and +12V power supply rails


  • 7 port USB hub with VBUS power control
  • Sub-1 ms controller encoder for 2 players 8 buttons
  • CPS2 kick harnesses for 1P and 2P buttons 4, 5 and 6
  • JAMMA+/CHAMMA wiring for 2L12B at JAMMA edge with non-standard JAMMA wiring
    DIP Switch Function
    AMP STBY Puts audio amplifier in standby mode
    C1=C2 Merge coin inputs for 2 player cabinets that share a single coin mech
    P1 FREE Merge P1COIN and P1START for pseudo free-play mode
    P2 FREE Merge P2COIN and P2START for pseudo free-play mode

      Included with MiSTercade v2.0 Full kit:

      • Terasic DE10-nano
      • 128MB SDRAM v3.0
      • MiSTercade JAMMA PCB
      • MiSTercade Top Plate (TBD)
      • Mounting hardware
      • 40 mm fan
      • 20x20x10 mm heatsink
      • USB bridge to connect to DE10-nano

      Included with MiSTercade v2.0 Lite kit:

      • MiSTercade JAMMA PCB
      • MiSTercade Top Plate (TBD)
      • Mounting hardware
      • 40 mm fan
      • 20x20x10 mm heatsink
      • USB bridge to connect to DE10-nano


      Input Mapping Updater

      Github Repository (mappings, configs, etc)

      Video Guide

      Written Guide

      Arcade Projects Thread

      As Seen On:

        Retro RGB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmassx9hJP8
        Scarlet Sprites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-212r6kKC8
        Owlnonymous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHAW0AfTomA
        DJPsykoM1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/934909137
        Gillaxian: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/926372300
        PastBlaster: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/942439006

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