MiSTer FPGA IO Analog Pro

MiSTer FPGA IO Analog Pro

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Unlock the analog potential of MiSTer FPGA with IO Analog Pro! Boasting accurate analog video, crystal clear analog audio, soft power toggle, and compatibility with the incredible MiSTer passively cooled aluminum armor case. Existing case owners can purchase a replacement rear panel.


  • Reference-quality analog video and audio via Sega Saturn AV port
    • 99% accurate to specifications
    • RGBs
    • YPbPr** with improved sync levels and correct 700mV Luma
    • S-Video** (native YC core support)
    • Composite Video** (native YC core support)
    • DIPs to enable 24-bit video depth (Enabled by default)
    • Hi-Fi analog audio
  • Mini TOSLINK digital audio
  • USB-C power (5V 2A minimum, 5V 3A limited). It works with USB-A and USB-C cable types. Check your power supply if you’re not sure. DC power jumper is used to route power to the USB hub from the DE10-nano.
  • Reset button is now a power toggle button (experimental) that controls the USB C power input. Might need an extra tap every once in a while :).
  • ADC-In (integrated into the rear 3.5mm port)
  • User port for SNAC and mt32-pi
  • Simultaneous analog and HDMI output
  • Single SDRAM support
    • Looking for dual SDRAM IO board, and don't mind giving up simultaneous HDMI and analog video? Check out my upcoming IO Direct! No cores currently require dual SDRAM. Jaguar (alpha), Saturn (beta), and Williams Y/Z unit arcade machines (upcoming) all need or benefit dual SDRAM.

** Use alternate INI files to switch between analog video formats (MiSTer_xxxx.ini)

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Video measurements

Note: All non-MiSTer Addons measurements were taken by Kuro Houou.

DE10-nano Configuration

To choose between Mini TOSLINK digital audio, and the hifi analog audio DAC, toggle the DE10-nano's switch 0 [SW0]. Choose the position closest to the PCB edge for digital audio, and the position closest to the center of the PCB for analog audio.

The DE10-nano should be configured for different IO boards as follows:

Build SW3 SW2 SW1 SW0
IO Analog Pro (Analog Audio) OFF OFF OFF ON

MiSTer.ini Settings

This IO board can output several different analog video formats, but not all simultaneously. Use the table or text blocks below to configure the MiSTer.ini file on your micro SD card. For testing purposes, I have 4 separate .ini files on a single card that I can easily switch between using controller button combos. Most users will probably want to modify their single MiSTer.ini file according to their desired video format.

240p RGBs (also for HDRetroVision and RGC RGB to YPbPr cables)


480p RGBs (requires Saturn to VGA and a monitor that supports composite sync)


240p YPbPr/Component video


240p S-Video + Composite Video


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Les Barrows
    It's what's available.⁸

    The 4 stars is mostly because I would have preferred a digital board, but this was all that was available. I haven't used it for anything aside from the buttons and USB-C power; it doesn't work with the power supply I purchased along with it, and doesn't fit the analog backplate which came with the aluminum case because it's analog pro. All my mistakes as someone new to building a MiSTer I'm sure. While I'll likely never use its analog output, the HDMI port being all I need, I'll probably be happier with it once compatible backplates for the case become available. At least until the digital board becomes available and I swap it out for the extra RAM (and doubtless its backplate.)

    Reviewer avatar
    Nux Vomo
    Analog I/O Pro

    Just bought the Analog I/O Pro board with the D10 multi-cable. It was very quick to swap out on my previous set up. And now I can run Component on my Sony CRT. I even ran an HDMI via ethernet extension to my 65" OLED on the other side of my basement so now I can easily play on either screen. Couldn't be happier with the quality, ease of yse, and fast shipping. A+++

    Edward G.
    power button!!

    finally our long national nightmare of reaching behind the mister to fumble for the power switch in the dark are over. 100 stars out of 5.

    i hate lag
    The best analog solution for mister!

    I've used every method of getting analog from my DE-10 Nano to my CRT, from the old analog IO board to HDMI solutions but it never looked or sounded right and was a mess of cables and adapters. Not only does this look LITERALLY superior to my original hardware, but it manages to do it with only two cables. USB-C is so convenient for power and the saturn out port for audio and video is so much more robust and my mister no longer tips over from the weight. if you game primarily on CRT with mister, don't hesitate. buy this and enjoy the best possible method out there!

    Dan Doyle
    Worth the wait!

    Analog IO Pro is exactly what I’ve been hoping to have for years. Excellent reference quality output, support for 24bit, fixed issues with audio quality, the list goes on. The amount of extra stuff I could ditch that is consolidated into the board is great and the ability to easily switch to different output types is a fun way to explore different looks for games of this era.