Namco GunCon 3 IR Emitters (Flat Panel)

Namco GunCon 3 IR Emitters (Flat Panel)

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GunCon3 uses infrared LED emitters which are positioned on top of the TV. Because the gun triangulated position based on sensors, it can be used with any kind of display, from CRT, to flat panel, to projector. GunCon3 guns are quite rare and expensive, but hopefully aftermarket emitters give life to guns that have long since been separated from their originals.

To install, place a square of velcro / double sided tape over the case on top of the screw hole, and stick to the back of the TV along the top edge so the IR LEDs are visible. Plug the USB-A end of one cable into the tv and the other end into one emitter. Next, take the second cable and connect the two emitters. The emitters will glow red when properly working. Combined, the emitters draws 270mA at 5V.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Reasonable price and works for my guncon3

Worked well with MiSTer + GunCon3

Worked great. Zero config.

Works on PC monitors for Time Crisis 4

I'm so happy that these sensors work on a PC monitor for my guncon3 controller. I have to be 4 + feet from the monitor to work, but I can finally play time crisis 4 on ps3 through elgato capture. The price for the sensors is very reasonable as well

Strider Mervine
Work like a charm

Love these! Super easy to set up and they just work! If you're on the fence on getting them, do yourself a favor and place that order.

Santiago Sanchez
Perfect for mister

Bought this a while ago. Today I managed to test it with a ps3, and on mister using the nes,snes, and genesis core. Tracking is fast and precise, amazing ! Not all mister cores play nice with these but I'm told other users have had better luck. Either way this is the best cheap option for lightguns on the mister.