Reflex Encode Fighting Board | Fightstick

Reflex Encode Fighting Board | Fightstick

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Want to build your own arcade stick with one of the fastest (0.84 ms) encoders in town? Then you need this GP2040 Fighting Board remix. The boards come flashed with OpenStickCommunity's GP2040 firmware (v0.7 at the time of writing) 


  • Passthrough PS5 authentication with a MayFlash MagPS4 V1.1 dongle (Encode V2.0 only)
  • Integrated Raspberry Pi development board to save space and improve aesthetics
  • Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) diodes for Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection
  • Screw terminals for the old school players who want to manually wire buttons
  • 20 pin header for use with pre-made button harness
  • Extra button headers
  • RGB LED headers
  • SOCD Cleaning
  • USB-B and USB-C connectors
  • Built in web server for configuration (
  • Headers for future features

No USB C cable or panel mount is included.

All PCB source files can be found here.

Firmware updates:

Firmware can be found here:

To flash a firmware, plug the device into a computer, then press the program button twice. Alternatively you can hold <Up + S1/Select + S2/Start> while plugging in USB. A device called "RPI-RP2" will appear. Copy and paste the .uf2 file onto that drive, and it will flash, then reboot automatically.

Pico Fighting Board Reflex Edition V1:

Firmware version: GP2040-CE_X.X.X_PicoFightingBoard.uf2


Reflex Fighting Board (V1.1):

Firmware version: GP2040-CE_X.X.X_ReflexEncoder.uf2

Use the web configurator by holding S2/Start while plugging in and navigating to

This version requires swapping the Left and Right pins as shown below.

Reflex Fighting Board V1.2:

Firmware Version: GP2040-CE_X.X.X_ReflexEncoder.uf2 

Customer Reviews

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Brett Smith

Reflex Encode Fighting Board | Fightstick

Chris Vera
Great product!

These were absolutely what I needed for my project cabinet and analogue pocket!

Works great for the Analogue Pocket

After trying 2 other boards and gutting an arcade stick, this was the solution I needed the whole time! Fast shipping, great support (discord) and excellent value! Thanks for the sticker!

Dan Doyle
Perfect for Vewlix/Chewlix

Just got two of these wired up in my vewlix diamond blue. Super easy to get hooked up and with the right wiring harness you can have both these and your JVS or FastIO hooked up at the same time. Works perfectly with the 20pin header to make wiring a breeze but has every option under the sun to meet any scenario. I’ve got a 2P panel en route and it’s great to know it will be literally plug and play. Awesome little boards, go get ‘em.

One of the best input boards I have ever used

SImply stunning, ease of use and the input delay being so low was a big game changer for my vewlix cabs. Thanks again for the wonderful products!