MiSTer Aluminum Armor Bundle Lite (no DE10-nano)

MiSTer Aluminum Armor Bundle Lite (no DE10-nano)

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Already have a DE10-nano? Grab the rest of the parts you need to get up and running.

Extruded aluminum case provides sleek, industrial protection

No fan. No noise. No dust.

Unlike computers, the MiSTer doesn't require active cooling. It's an industrial device with 100C max temperature rating.

The case is the heatsink, dissipating internal heat to the exterior.

Thousands of these cases are being used all around the world, from Canada to Kuwait.


  Analog IO kit contents:

  • Aluminum case + parts
  • IO Board v6.1
  • 1 x 128 MB SDRAM
  • ADC-In
  • USB Hub + Bracket + Power Splitter

 Digital IO kit contents:

  • Aluminum case + parts
  • IO Digital V1.2
  • 2 x 128 MB SDRAM
  • USB Hub + Bracket + DC Jumper


Step 1) Grab your DE10-nano from Terasic. They have been shipping out within a few days of ordering and might actually ship from within the US

Step 2) Choose analog or digital IO variant

  • Analog has native analog audio and video out but only allows for 1 SDRAM module which is fine for all current cores but a future core might need 2 SDRAM modules
  • Digital IO does not have native analog audio or video (can use direct video with an HDMI2VGA dongle) but does have a power switch and allows for dual SDRAM

Step 3) Choose case color

Step 4) Order and wait :)

Step 5) Assemble using this video as a guide

Step 6) If your IO board comes with a fan, please remove it before installation.

    That’s it :)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Amazing Kit

    What can i say ? the best kit money can buy if you already have a board :) highly recommended

    Steve Guerrero
    Compact, looks great, and not too difficult to assemble

    Everything lined up well. Didn’t need the spacers as shown in the video. Maybe it’s been updated as of March ‘24. Teal color looks cool and high quality.

    Looks cool!

    Anyway, it looks cool.
    It's fanless, so it's quiet too.
    Heat dissipation by the aluminum body seems to work well, and the upper part of the body only gets warm.
    A good buy.

    Stanley Cockman
    Awesome service!!!

    Very quick turn around on orders and also technical support for an issue I had with the USB board.


    This is the most aesthetic case I have ever bought for my Mister. No questions about it. You won't find something cleaner looking than this.

    The kit pretty much gives you everything you need. Nice all in one (if you have the board).