MiSTercade Versus (VS) | MiSTer FPGA JAMMA Arcade Linking

MiSTercade Versus (VS) | MiSTer FPGA JAMMA Arcade Linking

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Connect your arcade cabinets with MiSTercade VS! This custom cabinet linking service is tailored to your MiSTercade JAMMA arcade-linking needs. No more bumping elbows! Keep your gaming space stress-free and your opponents at arm's length - now that's what we call a true knockout! Do you have what it takes to set the high score for most cabinets linked?

How it Works

MiSTercade VS allows for one MiSTercade (base unit) connect to 2 or more arcade cabinets.

The first cabinet needs a MiSTercade (base unit) to send audio and video to the next cabinet, while receiving the cabinet's controls. The audio and video are sent using a single HDMI cable from the base MiSTercade's XL board (included with each VS setup).

The next cabinet needs a MiSTercade VS (satellite) to receive audio and video from the previous cabinet, and send controls backwards. At the same time, the audio and video are split, and amplified for the next cabinet, as well as receive controls from it.

Theoretically, you can link infinite cabinets together since each receives the same signals as the previous. However, the number of cabinets officially supported is 2. 

Use 30mm Grommets to safely route cables through your candy cabinet.

To be clear: each cabinet receives the same audio and video signal. MiSTercade VS does not allow for different cores to be played across different cabinets.

MiSTercade VS Diagram

The following image shows how to connect three cabinets together. The MiSTercade (bottom) goes to the first cabinet. The Versus Satellite (middle) goes to the second cabinet and the top Versus Satellite goes to the third cabinet. Additional cabinets can be added using the same methodology, connecting to the previous using the included cables.

Be sure to use this port on the main MiSTercade unit to send audio and video to the Versus Satellite board:

What's Included

  • 1 x MiSTercade VS PCB
  • 1 x MiSTercade XL board (replace your existing MiSTercade's XL board)
  • 1 x 10 ft. HDMI cable (for audio and video) 
  • 1 x 10 ft. USB cable (for USB controls)


  1. Replace your MiSTercade's XL board with the included XL board
  2. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the short edge of the XL Board PCB
  3. Plug the other end of the HDMI cable to the VS board's "AV IN" HDMI port
  4. Connect the USB-C cable end to the VS board's USB-C Port
  5. Connect the USB-A cabled end to the MiSTercade base unit's USB A port (might need a specific port for correct player order)
  6. Plug the JAMMA connector of each cabinet into the respective unit
  7. Power on both cabinets

Note: Due to the way MiSTer handles player order, MiSTer.ini entries may need to be modified to get player order correct. More details forthcoming!

Known Issue

Some arcade monitors don't like the RGB at max level. Simply back off each potentiometer (turn counterclockwise) a small amount if you see electromagnetic interference on your display.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Matt McCarthy
    Great for 3-4 players on candy cabs

    Had some friends over to play 3-player Gauntlet and D&D: SoM. MiSTercade Versus was trivial to set up and worked beautifully. Switching between a MiSTercade and a Versus in the second cab takes only seconds.

    (The two cabs in the pic have different colors and brightness partly because I hadn't calibrated the MiSTercade Versus' RGB pots yet.)

    Ed Thomas
    Great investment

    I am SO glad to have been able to purchase one of these products, it goes well will my candy cab projects, and is really easy to use!

    MiSTercade VS is a transformational product!

    I realize the potential purchasing demographic is probably small for this item, but my god, if you fit in the Venn Diagram of people who own 2 or more arcade cabs and want to play 4p games split across both cabs, do yourself a favor and order this already. I got one and it's been a huge hit every time we have people over. 4p Simpsons and TMNT is great fun. Kids love it! Hoping for more 3p/4p cores to come out on MiSTer, but this thing rocks!