Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter)

Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter)

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"No CRT left behind" is a motto to live by. In that spirit, I designed this composite video to RF adapter. It uses end-of-era tech to produce the most beautiful RF image I’ve ever seen.


  • USB-C power
  • Stereo to mono circuit
  • CH3/CH4 switch
  • NTSC only (no way to test PAL, but audio trap is tuned for NTSC)
  • Injection molded enclosure
  • Includes 3ft., quad shielded, RF cable
  • USB-C cable not included

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Customer Reviews

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Sam Sos
Good RF Choice

Reflex RF works like a pro in color, image and sound.

Poor RF Only Consoles *Updated Review*

It is great for it's size and the picture is clean. I sense the sound is lower than normal. It's definitely different than when I have it hooked up to a vcr. Another important part to mention is you can only run one RF signal through it. If you have an RF splitter and running one signal for the composite, then the other part of the splitter can not run say a RF only console. It is not good for RF only consoles and is a downside for me. A switching capability from IN LINE to ANT like VCRs and RF modulators is definitely a missing feature for this device. In conclusion, it is strictly great for RF only TVs but not for RF only consoles.

I had opened the Reflex up and added a switch to the device to allow switching between LINE and ANT. I have added an extra photo showing the extra switch next to the 3/4 and RF line, and video to show it switch between signals. There was plenty of room inside the case to add it and was very simple. I have changed my review from 3 to 4 stars. I want to add the extra star because I like how well designed the product is to allow me to add the extra switch.

Hey, Daniel, sorry to hear you're unhappy with the feature set offered by Reflex RF. The listing is fairly clear that the input must be composite and the output must be RF. Adding RF switching functionality to this product doesn't fit the scope of this product. Please contact us if you'd like to return the item for a refund. Thanks!

Joseph D Mignone

Very pleased with the results. The picture now looks as cheap as composite and brighter too.

Nearly as good as composite

This purchase came about because unfortunately I had to part ways with a late 00s TV with all the bells and whistles due to being too large and heavy and downgraded to a 90s consumer CRT with only RF. My old adapter from the early 00s was never that great and I wasn't even sure if a new one would even be an improvement. However when I first hooked it up and channel 4 was a solid black with no fuzziness, I was more than satisfied with my purchase. Works perfectly for 15KHz sources and looks just like I remember. Turned an RF-only TV into a 95% of the way to a composite TV overnight.

I really like it!

Hooked this with a Nintendo and tried it on a couple of old CRT televisions from the mid-80s and found it superior to my old RF adapter. Also in a niche case hooked it up to a Vega 9000 supergun and it handled that no issuses whatsoever. Nice piece of kit!