YC Active Encoder Board
YC Active Encoder Board
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, YC Active Encoder Board

YC Active Encoder Board

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  • Outputs S-video (Y/C) and composite video simultaneously
  • Active Luma trap for cleanest composite video possible on MiSTer
  • Tuned for NTSC but works with PAL
  • Switch to toggle between direct video, and IO board input (position closest to VGA input = Direct Video input)
  • VGA connector is HD-15 female (VGA cable needed to connect to the IO board or direct video adapter)
  • 5V in from USB-C or VGA Pin 9 (set jumper to 5V on IO board behind VGA port)
  • No cables included - not all VGA cables have pin 9 wired. If you're not getting output, power using USB-C


  • MiSTer.ini settings:
  • vga_mode=svideo (never use cvbs setting)
  • ntsc_mode=0
  • composite_sync=1

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Orion Cooper
This is the main reason I got a MiSTer!

Ever since I started learning about the MiSTer project, I wanted a device that was cycle accurate but also able to output an analog signal to my CRT. When the yc core became part of the main MiSTer framework, I knew it was time to get the active yc adapter. After some help from the wonderful folks in the discord, I was playing on my CRT in no time.

I purchased the adapter and the case separately because of availability at the time, but you definitely want the case. It will protect your adapter and it looks keen.

Josh B.
Great item!

Worked like a charm on my composite-only CRT. I’m very happy with the video quality; looks at least as good as the picture from my original hardware, if not a bit better. Thanks!

Thiago Auler
Goodbye rainbow!!! =]

Excellent product.
It’s compatible with the new framework in MiSTer for Y/C output.
It’d be nice if had an option with case for protection!

Davin Asiala

I'm a new MiSTer user and bought this to play it on my small CRT. It's a must have if you only have composite available. I can't believe how good it looks!


Got this after getting the passive one from a seller on eBay. The passive one with MikeS11's cores was great! But you could tell there were some issues with Genesis and NES still.

On this, the picture as a whole is even cleaner. No more artifacting, very clean output, looks great in anything dither dependent (i.e. some PS1, Various sega systems), just a great option. Probably the best option with the YC cores if you need quality output to a composite or S-Video television (or if you just want some good composite blur on more cores than the Genesis). Definitely better than previous RGB converter options that worked with the regular cores, even with S-Video, and noticeably better on Sega related cores from the previous passive adapter. Plus it came with a cool sticker. Would recommend heavily.