Feb 2022 Update - MiSTer Addons


Feb 2022 Update


Feb 2022 Update


TLDR: MiSTercade and Aluminum kit pre-orders start in 1 hour. Please read the entire post.

Donna x MiSTercade 

The talented @pepe_salot crafted this beautiful artwork for MiSTercade. Most of you will have already seen it by now, but, for those who haven't, behold: 

You can order prints from Pepe here: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/pepesalot/perfect-setup/

Pepe was also kind enough to make stickers which I'll be selling in my shop and also including with the next round of MiSTercades.


MiSTercade v1.1

Speaking of MiSTercade, more are due in March. I've been answering constant questions about their availability so I've decided to take limited pre-orders to gauge demand. These will not be refundable prior to shipment so only order if you are committed. No order limit but don't get crazy. There are a few changes from the first batch based on feedback but no new features. See the product page for changes.

MiSTercade XL accessory board (which provides a 75 ohm compliant RGBS signal, breakouts for controls, secondary SD, external dip switches, and will be required for MiSTercade versus) will be included with MiSTercade v1.1, and available for purchase separately for MiSTercade v1 owners.

MiSTercade remote is in production but I'm waiting on case samples - hopefully more news soon.

Link: https://misteraddons.com/products/mistercade

Aluminum Bundles

Likewise for aluminum case bundles: I'm expecting my next shipment of DE10-nanos in March but I can't predict whether that date will hold, so same deal - no cancellations before shipment and please check the site / my Twitter for any status updates vs emailing and chatting with me. When I have news I'll share it. The manufacturing world is still reeling from COVID19 and we all have to be patient.

The bundles now include silicone plugs and covers. Digital bundles will have a PCB style rear panel instead of aluminum.

Link: https://misteraddons.com/products/mister-pre-configured-bundle-with-aluminum-case

Development Updates:

IO Direct

I found an issue with the IO direct board's component/YPbPr output that's causing me to rework the circuit - give me a bit of time to get this right. RGB, S-Video, and composite are ready for prime time. I'm verifying all measurements using an oscilloscope and doing sanity checks on a variety of CRTs and scalers. This is the version IO board that supports dual SDRAM while maintaining analog video.

Speaking of IO direct, I'm working on getting new rear aluminum case panels for digital IO boards and the new IO direct boards. I've also listed the standard IO board rear panels for sale here: https://misteraddons.com/products/aluminum-passively-cooled-case. Choose Product: "Rear Panel Only", Style: "Analog IO" then the color.

I'll also have buttons for customization on sale soon, so stay tuned.

MiSTer Express

It's been a few weeks since I worked on MiSTer Express but I have my second prototype in hand and a few exciting changes and features since the initial reveal. Once I have it all working, I'll post about it here. The DE10-nano shortage is giving me time to get this right.


UK Shipping

I am still playing chess with the UK VAT process. I got an email today asking for more info. For now, It's the same as before: I'll list some MiSTercade units on eBay, and possibly some kits. I can't do a pre-order for either so I'll need to have them in hand.

Patience is a Virtue

That's it for now, thanks for sticking through this craziness with me! I promise I'll make it worth your while.

By Mister Addons

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