Mid 30's electrical engineer who grew up loving video games. Fast forward 20 years and I found myself modding consoles in my free time. MiSTer came into my life in September 2018 thanks to SmokeMonster's promotion. It was too tempting not to dive in head first. I ordered 10 SDRAM PCBs, 10 IO Board PCBs, and 10 USB Hub PCBs from PCBWay. I kept one for myself, and sold the rest. The demand was so extreme that I doubled down, then doubled down again, and again, and again.

Nearly 5 years into MiSTer hardware development and many thousands of orders later, I find myself writing this about me post, wondering how I got myself into this, and where I would be without MiSTer.

Thanks for taking time to click on this page and read about my life. Because I'm a person who has feelings, dang it.