Kits de esqueleto MiSTer (sin estuche)

Kits de esqueleto MiSTer (sin estuche)

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NOTA: Las imágenes muestran puentes USB, pero los paquetes ahora incluyen soportes USB.


  • DE10-nano
  • SDRAM de 128 MB (1x)
  • Placa IO (analógica o digital)
  • Elija E/S estándar si desea vídeo analógico integrado: permite salida de vídeo dual digital + analógico.
  • Elija Digital IO si desea un interruptor de alimentación integrado y 40 pines GPIO adicionales (actualmente sin usar)
  • Hub USB, soporte y divisor + interruptor
    • El divisor + interruptor es solo para E/S analógicas
    • Digital IO vendrá con un pequeño conector de CC para enrutar la energía desde DE10-nano al concentrador USB
  • Entrada ADC
  • Fuente de alimentación estadounidense de 110V 5V 2A
    • ¡Fuente de alimentación mejorada disponible aquí !
  • Tarjeta micro SD de 16 GB con todos los archivos de código abierto
    • ¡Tarjetas micro SD de mayor capacidad también disponibles aquí !

Instrucciones de E/S digitales:
  • Conecte la fuente de alimentación DE10-nano al conector de CC de la placa digital IO
  • Conecte el conector CC del DE10-nano al conector CC del concentrador USB utilizando el cable puente CC-CC incluido
  • Utilice el interruptor de alimentación de la placa Digital IO para controlar la alimentación de MiSTer

Customer Reviews

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Michael Boulanger

I’m very happy with my Mister, so much fun. I’d gladly recommend a kit like I bought or one with a case.

Good starting point.

I would have bought a complete kit with case, but they were out of stock. I printed this case for the skeleton kit: and it worked fine.

If you are getting started with MiSTer, be prepared to devote a lot of time to debugging and piecing things together from a lot of vague, ambiguous, incomplete, and often out-of-date posts scattered across a variety of message boards and YouTube videos. However, once you get over some initial hurdles, it's a very cool system.

My personal opinion... skip SNAX and go with a combination of Bluetooth controllers (e.g., PS5 for PSX, Nintendo Switch Online controllers for N64, SNES, and Genesis) and 2600-dapter and 2600-PDL and native controllers for Coleco and Atari. SNAX for me was too frustrating and limiting, particularly with presently-lacking Atari paddle and ColecoVision controller support in the respective cores.

Mark Piercey

MiSTer Skeleton Kits (No Case)


its amazing, thought eventually ill need the alum case, cheers!

Love it. Great kit.

Everything worked out of the box. Though I upgraded the SD card for a much larger one for game storage. The fan is a little noisy busy I replaced mine with a Noctua and it’s been great!