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¡Desbloquee el potencial analógico de MiSTer FPGA con IO Analog Pro! Con video analógico preciso, audio analógico nítido, interruptor de encendido suave y compatibilidad con la increíble carcasa blindada de aluminio enfriada pasivamente MiSTer .*

* Requiere un nuevo panel trasero


  • Vídeo y audio analógicos con calidad de referencia a través del puerto AV de Sega Saturn
    • 99% de precisión según las especificaciones
    • RGB
    • YPbPr** con niveles de sincronización mejorados y Luma correcta de 700 mV
    • S-Video** (soporte YC nativo)
    • Vídeo compuesto** (compatible con YC nativo)
    • DIP para habilitar la profundidad de video de 24 bits
      • Actualmente ningún núcleo admite esto, pero PSX, N64 y Saturn se beneficiarán de ello. Si los núcleos oficiales no se pueden actualizar, se pueden crear núcleos bifurcados.
    • Audio analógico de alta fidelidad
  • Audio digital mini TOSLINK
  • Alimentación USB-C con interruptor de alimentación suave
  • ADC-In (integrado en el puerto trasero de 3,5 mm)
  • Puerto de usuario para SNAC y mt32-pi
  • Salida analógica y HDMI simultánea
  • Soporte SDRAM único
    • ¿Busca una placa SDRAM IO dual y no le importa renunciar al vídeo analógico y HDMI simultáneos? ¡Mira mi próximo IO Direct ! Actualmente, ningún núcleo requiere SDRAM dual. Las máquinas arcade Jaguar (alfa), Saturn (beta) y Williams Y/Z (próximamente) necesitan o se benefician de SDRAM dual.

** Utilice archivos INI alternativos para cambiar entre formatos de vídeo analógico (MiSTer_xxxx.ini)

Mediciones en vídeo

Nota: Todas las mediciones que no son de MiSTer Addons fueron tomadas por Kuro Houou .

Accesorios incluidos

  • ventilador de 40 mm
  • disipador de calor de 20 mm
  • Puente CC

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    i hate lag
    The best analog solution for mister!

    I've used every method of getting analog from my DE-10 Nano to my CRT, from the old analog IO board to HDMI solutions but it never looked or sounded right and was a mess of cables and adapters. Not only does this look LITERALLY superior to my original hardware, but it manages to do it with only two cables. USB-C is so convenient for power and the saturn out port for audio and video is so much more robust and my mister no longer tips over from the weight. if you game primarily on CRT with mister, don't hesitate. buy this and enjoy the best possible method out there!

    Dan Doyle
    Worth the wait!

    Analog IO Pro is exactly what I’ve been hoping to have for years. Excellent reference quality output, support for 24bit, fixed issues with audio quality, the list goes on. The amount of extra stuff I could ditch that is consolidated into the board is great and the ability to easily switch to different output types is a fun way to explore different looks for games of this era.

    Jeff S
    Upgraded from Digital I/O Board

    I go back and forth using my MiSTer in a DV->VGA->Component to my CRT setting to a DV->RetroTink4K, and having to reach behind to swap cables has been a drag. With this, I'm able to have my CRT plugged in with a single cable without all the extra USB power and leave the HDMI plugged into the Tink with no issue. Color and sound are perfect. I also feel like I get a picture faster after power on and resetting. You should get one if you have any thoughts of having a similar dual setup.

    MA kills it again

    I've been exclusively using Mister Addons since building my first unit in 2020, and every component has operated flawlessly which keeps me coming back. I keep up with the tech, and the Analog Pro is probably the best put together analog video solution for the Mister on paper, and as usual for MA in practice it does not disappoint.

    Pat Johnson
    Outstanding product.

    It really doesn’t get any better than this if you want the best analog video and audio for your crt and still having the convenience of hdmi into a capture card. I absolutely love it. Works perfectly with either the Saturn premium universal cable or Saturn scart cable from this shop. Really cleaned up my streaming setup. Fast shipping as always too. Thanks.