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SNAC has been a mainstay of  MiSTer for several years. It’s a way to directly interface original accessories with their corresponding core. This allows for unique peripherals to be used on MiSTer such as light guns.

Recently, developers added support for 3D Famicom glasses to the NES core (CRT only). The games usually require you to press "Select" on the controller to enable 3D mode. The NES unstable core has 3 SNAC settings: Controllers, 3D Glasses, and Zapper. In addition to Famicom 3D glasses, a new 2 player SNAC mode was added. At the same time, 2 player SNES SNAC code has been tested and hopefully will be merged into mister-devel soon :)

By now, I’m sure you’re well aware of the incredible PSX core crafted by Robert Peip (FPGAZumsPass). Blue1 added SNAC code to the PSX core. It’s been thoroughly tested with all main PSX peripherals (multitap, GunCon, Justifier, NeGcon, Jogcon, mouse, etc.) as well as 2 similtaneous controllers.

In light of all of these changes, I worked up a new version of SNAC, called “SNAX”. It supports all of the above changes: 2 player NES, SNES, and PSX. There’s a boost circuit to give proper rumble voltage without any external power source. No enclosure at the moment but one is in the works.

“But, Porkchop, I just bought SNAC.” Hey, I hear you. MiSTer evolves fairly quickly but hardware comes in waves. There are 2 exclusives SNAX features: 2 player controllers on supported cores, and PSX core SNAC.

I will be bundling 1 PSX adapter cable with each SNAX. Other HDMI PSX adapters will NOT work with SNAX. You heard me, put your current PSX HDMI adapter away. It won’t work with SNAC.

For those wondering, Saturn SHOULD work with both SNAC and SNAX (1 player only due to number of pins required).

Famicom adapters are available for sale now.

SNAX is finishing up at the factory and I already have several PSX adapters on hand. I’m waiting to list the PSX adapters to avoid the “hey why this no work” messages. Again, every SNAC sold to date will NOT work with PSX SNAC.

NES/Famicom 1P 2P
Genesis 1P 1P
Playstation - 2P
PCE 1P (2 button only) 1P (2 button only)
Saturn 1P** 1P**


* SNES 2 player code has not yet been added

** Saturn initial SNAC code is being tested. Basic digital controls only so far.


By Mister Addons

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