Soporte USB MiSTer FPGA

Soporte USB MiSTer FPGA

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Las placas complementarias MiSTer se diseñaron en torno al factor de forma DE10-Nano, que no tiene un puerto USB tipo A de tamaño completo. Como tal, se necesita un pequeño conector para conectar el concentrador USB oficial.

El soporte USB es compatible con:

  • Configuración sin caso
  • caja de circuito impreso
  • Caja de aluminio
pero probablemente no sea compatible con:
  • Estuches impresos en 3D
  • otros casos de terceros

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Scott Redepenning
Great product!

Great product, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Joseph Musso
Best Bracket Eva

It’s a good bracket - what else can I say? 5/5 would buy again

Jason d
Great case and great customer service

Loving the aluminum case! I’m on my 3rd different case and this is the best one so far. He really helped me out when I made a mistake. Great customer service. Thank you.

Thomas Bremer
Must have accessory

After initially just getting an OTG USB hub, which worked fine, I realized I wanted a cleaner setup and to have more than three "controller" ports, since one was taken up by a keyboard. So I got this and I haven't looked back. It's clean and works like a charm.

The only thing that was a little annoying was trying to connect the MiSTer and the USB board. The connector is kind of a Z shape where you need to plug it in to the MiSter board horizontally but it plugs into the USB board vertically. This is tricky since you're also constrained on board movement by the pegs to attach the two together. I was worried I was going to damage it while trying to put them together. And secondly, the boards are so close that you can't get your fingers in to push the connecter down on the USB board, so I had to use some pliers to grab it and force it down. Again, scary.

BUT after getting it together, it works great and I love it.

Works like it should

I received my order quickly and it works like it should. is a great resource for the MiSTer FPGA community!