Adaptador de controladores NES a consola Famicom

Adaptador de controladores NES a consola Famicom

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¿Quieres usar tus controladores/joysticks/pistolas de luz de NES con tu Famicom? ¡Ahora usted puede! La etiqueta del cable indica el lado del jugador 1.

Sólo funcionarán los controladores y joysticks estándar. Los accesorios como Super Scope, multitap, etc. no funcionarán.

Nota: No todos los juegos leen dispositivos de entrada conectados al puerto de expansión de Famicom. JeffQChen creó una solución de PCB aquí:

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Works Well, Even with Wireless

Fair price, great seller communication and product.

It just works

This adapter is as simple as plug and play. Plug it in and boom. Using it with a retro-bit wireless controller and no issues so far.

Jeff L
A top notch product!

I bought this to play zapper games on a famicom, and it works flawlessly! Every NES game I've tried works well with the adapter using an NES controller as well, however I have read that there are a small handful of games that apparently do not work due to limitations of the famicom itself. Either way, this is an awesome accessory if you're trying to play with controllers with a longer cord.

Alex Starr
Love it!

This adapter finally allows me to play all of my NES light gun games on a Famicom AV using a NES zapper. Typically, you would have to mod the system to make this happen so this is a super awesome adapter!

Tom C
Works Great

Plugged it into my AV Famicom, and now I can use my NES controllers. Excellent product.