Botones adicionales de caja de aluminio MiSTer FPGA

Botones adicionales de caja de aluminio MiSTer FPGA

MiSTer Addons
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Complementa tu caja de aluminio con estos elegantes botones

Customer Reviews

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Matt McCarthy
Cheap & easy dress-up

My aluminum case didn't have enough pieces of flair. I bought some extra buttons in a different color, and voila! Cyan + pink looks amazing.


Cool buttons! Love customizing my MiSTer!

Roberto Garcia-Lago
Nice way to customize your case

To complete my MiSTer, I wanted to black buttons so they popped against the case’s color. These are great build quality and it's never a bad idea to have a few extra buttons just in-case.

Makes the mister complete

Perfect neat little package with the addition of a solid passively cooler cage.

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Super Retro City
Pushing My Buttons

I ordered some aluminum case extra buttons from MAO just to see if they’d fit my acrylic case setup and let me tell you, they are the literal golden cherries on top of my FPGA setup. I’m glad I took the plunge because this was easily the best seven dollars and fifty cents I have ever spent. Not only can I access the OSD or reset my game with zero input latency, They look and sound absolutely fantastic! So clicky! 5/5 would definitely recommend.