MiSTer FPGA YC Active Encoder Board - MiSTer Addons

Placa codificadora activa MiSTer FPGA YC

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Tome un cable VGA corto (con el pin 9 conectado para alimentación de 5 V) aquí

  • Emite S-video (Y/C) y video compuesto simultáneamente
  • Trampa Active Luma para video compuesto más limpio posible en MiSTer
  • Sintonizado para NTSC pero funciona con PAL
  • Cambie para alternar entre video directo y entrada de placa IO (posición más cercana a la entrada VGA = entrada de video directo)
  • El conector VGA es HD-15 hembra (se necesita un cable VGA para conectar a la placa IO o al adaptador de video directo)
  • Entrada de 5 V desde USB-C o VGA Pin 9 (configure el puente a 5 V en la placa IO detrás del puerto VGA)
  • No se incluyen cables; no todos los cables VGA tienen cableado del pin 9. Si no obtiene salida, enciéndalo mediante USB-C
  • No todos los núcleos son compatibles con YC, incluidos algunos núcleos de computadora, núcleos de versión preliminar, etc.

Configuración de NTSC MiSTer.ini:
  • vga_mode=svídeo
  • modo_ntsc=0
  • sincronización_compuesta=1

Configuración de PAL MiSTer.ini:

  • vga_mode=svídeo
  • modo_ntsc=0
  • sincronización_compuesta=1
  • menú_pal=0

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Adam Davis
    Absolutely freaking Amazing!

    Love this little thing! Purchased another model from a different vender and though S-Video worked fine on his unit composite had some god awful “shimmering” effect that just gives you eye fatigue. Mister Addons YC adapter includes Luma Trap which does away with the shimmering and it looks beautiful …. That is to say, beautiful washed out and smeary just like I remember as a kid :-)

    Haven’t seen the waterfall in Sonic look this good without using actual hardware in over 30 years. DEFINITELY recommend.

    Brent Vecchi

    Works exactly as advertised. The quality of the composite video is almost as good as the s-video output. Nothing bad to say about this device. Just works.

    Russell Golden
    Works like a charm

    I needed a connection for a 'TATE' component only CRT setup, and misteraddons YC board works perfect. Between Mike YC cores and all the cores with integration now, I'm pretty sure I have 100% access to the available TATE games on MiSTer and the look gorgeous on my sideways CRT.

    Dan Doyle
    It’s fantastic! MiSTer Addons / community team-up delivers again

    MiSTer Addons products really enable use of any tv or monitor or any kind of input you want to play around with. Sometimes you only have access to TVs with certain inputs and sometimes you just want to explore the way games looked with different inputs. Well you are totally covered between the IO boards, this adapter and RF sold on here. There are so many lightly used TVs that go to the landfill that have thousands of hours left in them which is a bummer when it’s plug and play to get the most ideal “filter” for games of that era

    Nicholas Pulliam
    Looks amazing!

    Can’t say better things about the picture quality of the S video and composite adaptor!