Paneles de carcasa de aluminio con refrigeración pasiva MiSTer FPGA

Paneles de carcasa de aluminio con refrigeración pasiva MiSTer FPGA

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¡Acceda o convierta su caja de aluminio con estos paneles de repuesto! Si desea cambiar entre placas IO analógicas y digitales, solo necesita comprar un nuevo panel trasero :)

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i hate lag
the best

im going to keep it short and sweet, these are the most premium cases you can buy for the mister. also check out the shock armor+ accessory!

Jeff S
Fun Way to Mix it Up

These panels are affordable and fun for a quick ad hoc swap. I have two black units, and I wanted to subtle way to tell them apart. I ended up putting the gray back and front panels on one, so now I can tell which is which when I need to move things around. (One is more HDMI oriented, and the other is for analog outputs.) Like everything Mister Addons does, the quality it first rate. Even the little LED light pipe inserts are present and pre-installed.

clint bunke
Replacement same quality as original

Ordered for a replacement rear panel which I messed up on my own. Well packaged and ooks and feels identical to original rear panel. Well done!

Chris F
Easy and cheap solution. Rear panel.

if you have a analog and want to upgrade to a digital IO and vice versa, this does as advertised. you cant go wrong here!!!

Also works with much older aluminum case models from 2020, just in case if you gotten the aluminum case years ago.

at the end of the day you are going to be stuck with extra panel!

Casey Robb

Beautiful build quality and easy to assemble!