Reflex CTRL Original Controller USB Conversion Kits
Reflex CTRL Original Controller USB Conversion Kits
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Reflex CTRL Original Controller USB Conversion Kits

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Elevate your classic gamepads to USB capabilities with Reflex CTRL! Boasting the quickest response times of any USB controller available commercially, Reflex CTRL all but eliminates dropped inputs. Featuring the highly versatile, upgradeable, and customizable GP2040-CE firmware, your gaming will never be the same!

How it works:

CTRL boards are PCB replacements with a short USB-C female pigtail cable. Unscrew your controller, remove the OEM circuit board, optionally replace the rubber membranes (coming in 2024?), fit the Reflex CTRL PCB, route the USB-C Female cable, and re-assemble the controller. Users provide their own USB-C cables 


  • Circuit Board
  • USB-C Female cable (50mm)
  • NOT INCLUDED: USB-C to USB-A cable for connecting to target device. USB-C to USB-C cables are not supported.


  • Open-source, powered by the amazing GP2040-CE
  • 0.8 ms latency
  • Carbon-coated button pads (just like OEM) for consistency and durability
  • Short USB-C female cable protrudes from the controller so you can use your preferred USB cable
  • ESD protection for all inputs
  • Update firmware: Select + Start + Up while plugging in USB
D-pad Mode SNES
D-pad Select + Start + ↓
Left Analog Select + Start + ←
Right Analog Select + Start + →


  •  To change controller modes, hold the following button while plugging in USB
Controller Mode SNES
XInput A
Switch B
Direct Input/PS3 Y
PS4* X
    • *(requires user-provided keys): Hold X while plugging in USB
  • Built-in turbo (enable in web GUI):

Turbo Function SNES
Enable/Disable Button
← + Select + Button
Increase Rate*
← + ↑ + Select
Decrease Rate*
← + 
↓ + Select
    • * Turbo rate is global and applies to all buttons with turbo enabled
  • Web GUI for deep customization
    • Hold Start while plugging in USB
    • Open web browser and navigate to 192 dot 168 dot 7 dot 1





Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ferdinand Fernandez
Feels good to be back!

Easiest swap I've ever done and now I get to enjoy one of my favorite console remotes on everything I can imagine. Will be buying more in the near future.

Jeff S
Super Easy and Great Performance

I removed the circuit board from an old Super Famicom controller that I bought used and cleaned up. All I had to do was insert the new Ctrl board and put the buttons and membranes back. The whole process was super easy, and there was enough slack in the cable to wrap along the strain relief design within the controller. I plugged it into my MiSTer straight away and it recognized immediately without having to use any button combinations. After I mapped the controller, it was absolutely flawless! I love having low latency and easy of use. Bring on the other Ctrl boards! I have controllers ready for the upgrade!!

Dan A.
Spot on!

This thing simply works. I’ve used it on PC (via Steam and MAME), Switch, and Analogue Pocket with absolutely seamless experiences.

There are copious hotkeys and they can be a bit hard to keep track of, so my only want is for a unified document that outlines all of the button combinations. I suppose one other small wish is the addition of a hotkey for Switch Online’s SNES/NES/Genesis/GB/N64 menu (ZL+ZR using Switch controllers).

Honestly still a 5-star product, considering the ultra low latency and massive compatibility.

Matthew Dorais
Amazing board!

Pretty easy install although the wrap around the stress relief point is pretty tight. Other than that, very straightforward install. Right away I noticed that ultra low latency with MiSTer. This feels as good and snappy as SNAC. This is an amazing option if you have some SNES controllers that you want to use with MiSTer.

Best of all, it just works!