Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter) - MiSTer Addons
Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter) - MiSTer Addons
Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter) - MiSTer Addons
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter) - MiSTer Addons
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter) - MiSTer Addons
  • Charger l'image dans la galerie, Reflex RF (Composite to RF Adapter) - MiSTer Addons

Reflex RF (adaptateur composite vers RF)

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« Aucun tube cathodique laissé pour compte » est une devise à suivre. Dans cet esprit, j'ai conçu cet adaptateur vidéo composite vers RF. Il utilise une technologie de fin d’ère pour produire la plus belle image RF que j’ai jamais vue.


  • Alimentation USB-C
  • Circuit stéréo vers mono
  • Commutateur CH3/CH4
  • NTSC uniquement (pas moyen de tester PAL, mais le piège audio est réglé pour NTSC)
  • Boîtier moulé par injection
  • Comprend un câble RF de 3 pieds, quadruple blindage
  • Câble USB-C non inclus

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Alors qu'est-ce que tu attends? Ne laissez pas le Zenith de grand-mère continuer à ramasser la poussière.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joseph D Mignone

Very pleased with the results. The picture now looks as cheap as composite and brighter too.

Nearly as good as composite

This purchase came about because unfortunately I had to part ways with a late 00s TV with all the bells and whistles due to being too large and heavy and downgraded to a 90s consumer CRT with only RF. My old adapter from the early 00s was never that great and I wasn't even sure if a new one would even be an improvement. However when I first hooked it up and channel 4 was a solid black with no fuzziness, I was more than satisfied with my purchase. Works perfectly for 15KHz sources and looks just like I remember. Turned an RF-only TV into a 95% of the way to a composite TV overnight.

I really like it!

Hooked this with a Nintendo and tried it on a couple of old CRT televisions from the mid-80s and found it superior to my old RF adapter. Also in a niche case hooked it up to a Vega 9000 supergun and it handled that no issuses whatsoever. Nice piece of kit!

E. Ken Leep
It's like a RetroTink for RF!

I recently received a 1984 19" Zenith from my uncle. It's one of those older models with the VHF and UHF knobs and the antenna screws on the back. I needed an RF modulator, but the ones I had in an old drawer were disappointing.
That's when I found the Reflex RF. With a set of high quality composite cables and the included coaxial cable this tiny Adapter produces a picture that could easily pass as native composite. The Reflex RF adapter just made a very old TV into one of my favorite CRTs for gaming.

Miles Cook
Super impressed with the picture quality!

Got this to connect my old ps2 and gamecube (I ended up also ordering a MiSTer too…) to a CRT I found on the sidewalk on my way home from work recently. Carried that thing for 20 minutes and I tell ya what my arms were very tired by the time i got home. Anyway the CRT is from 1991 and only has RF for input (it’s in great condition considering its age, though). It had an old RF converter box attached to it that was big and a bit beat up, so I decided to grab this converter. The difference in image quality is MASSIVE. Blacks are no longer grey, contrast is much better, colors pop more, the image is more stable, and there’s almost no rainbow artifacting on edges or text anymore. Very nice image overall, it really looks fantastic now. So I definitely recommend this to anyone with a similar RF-only CRT.