Just Getting Started

Store News

I am officially caught up on orders, and THE STORE IS OPEN! Here’s what you should know: I’m still building up my supply of USB hubs and IO boards. I’ve had to switch solder techs and line up production again. SDRAM, SNAC, and PCB cases are handled in house right now so those will have faster turnaround. I can’t predict individual order ETAs, and won’t answer emails asking such, unless it’s urgent. Like if you lock your keys in your car and need the $50 to pay the locksmith, or bail out your brother from jail, or something, haha. I will be opening up backorders with no limit so people can order whatever they would like. Just remember that I have no way of predicting demand.

I hope to strike a nice balance between fast shipping and more sleep / exercise in 2020. While I pride myself on answering customer emails, I need to be efficient with my time moving forward. Please make an account when you order from https://misteraddons.com. This should allow you to cancel an order yourself, without emailing me. It may seem like a small thing for me to do but I need to focus my time on building and shipping.

I realize there are many quality shops supplying MiSTer add-ons so I appreciate you taking time to read this message šŸ™‚

MiSTer Kun?

As a thank you to customers, 3D printed MiSTerkun logos will be placed in each PCB case order (while supplies last, and I remember to do so :). What is MiSTerkun, you ask?

HackerJack42 from the Classic Gaming Discord sent them my way to distribute out into the world.

2019 Sales Summary

I never thought my shop would get this far. (In hindsight, I really am glad that I sold the 9 extra IO, USB, and SDRAM boards that I got when I built mine, or this never would have happened.) With nearly 2000 orders in 2019, I’m gearing up for an even bigger 2020.

Six out of seven continents are represented, but where are my Antarctica people???

Map of 2019 MisterAddons.com Complete Orders (Anonymized Using Random Index, City, and Country only).

Need help?

While I do my best to support my customers, particularly with things that I’ve sold them, my time is very limited these days. For general MiSTer questions and support, hop on over to the Classic Gaming Discord’s MiSTer channel. Tell them Porkchop Express sent you šŸ™‚ https://discord.gg/UDu5ztY

What to look forward to in 2020

  • Exciting MiSTer coverage from more amazing YouTube channels that you’re probably already familiar with šŸ™‚
  • New cores that we likely have no idea are being developed
  • Improvements and new features for many cores (just when we think we have it all)
  • (Possible) return of updated acrylic case
  • Improved stock, shipping times, and better international rates

What are you most excited about in 2020?

Let me know on Twitter! https://twitter.com/MisterAddons

Cheers to 2020!