Pre-configured micro SD Card

Pre-configured micro SD Card

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Excited about getting into the MiSTer project but not sure how to get started? Buy a preconfigured micro SD card! The card comes pre-configured for a simple plug-and-play experience.

Note that the official MiSTer SD installer only works on Windows 10 64 bit. If you plan on preparing your own card you'll want to have access to a Windows 10 64-bit installation.

There is a Linux / Mac OS script available here:

Please allow a minimum 3 day lead time to acquire and configure. Large quantities of micro SD cards will not be kept on hand.

What's included:

  • SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar, or similar, micro SD card pre-installed with official menu and cores

What's not included

  • Games of any kind (user adds own games to pre-created folders on micro SD card)

  • Unofficial and beta cores

  • Original box and packaging