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MiSTer FPGA USB Hub with DC Splitter + Switch + USB Bracket

MiSTer FPGA USB Hub with DC Splitter + Switch + USB Bracket

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Current version: 2.1

100% factory assembled

Includes power splitter / switch combo, usb bracket, and 14mm standoffs.

7 data ports and 1 power port (rear USB port is power only)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Marc Orbito

Just what the doctor ordered. Replacement came in quick and fits and works perfectly! Thank you!

Ryan F.
Perfect fit, no issues

Title explains it all.

Mark Tan
The Path to a Clean MiSTer Setup

Combined with the DC splitter, switch and USB bracket, the USB hub is a great way to consolidate a MiSTer setup. While standalone USB hubs are effective, having both the hub and DE-10 Nano take up desk/shelf space is not ideal. Being able to stack the two is a great way to clear space (also nice to not need multiple power adapters anymore).

Fantastic 'quality of life' adding product

This USB hub addon is the best way to replace the generic otg hub hanging off your de10 nano in order to help clean up your setup. No other place id rather order from when it comes to standardization and reliability.

Erik Olson
Great product

This isn't required for a MiSTer setup, but it's definitely the thing you want when looking to upgrade your USB hub solution.